Green Chilli Pickle

Pickles are a part of all Indian meals, and pickled green chillies are accompanied by some of our favourite Indian dishes like cholle bhature and matra kulche. Do you want to know the secret of making the most amazing green chilli pickle at home? We are here to help you with this recipe.


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  1. What is Green Chilli Pickle? 
  2. Quick and Easy Green Chilli Pickle  
  3. How to make Green Chilli Pickle ?  
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What is Green Chilli Pickle ?

In addition to other places, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Maharashtra produce green chilli pickles. It is frequently served with the main courses as a condiment. It is made in Rajasthan by slicing green chilies lengthwise and frying them with ginger, garlic, and pickled green chilies. Fenugreek, nimbu ras, and mango powder are additional flavouring ingredients. It is regarded as a specialty of Rajasthan and is occasionally used as a flavouring for Indian snack dishes.


Quick and Easy Green Chilli Pickle

It's a condiment that we all know is going to be on everybody’s plate for every meal once it is made. Green chilli pickle is the perfect side element to spice up all your meals by adding its spicy touch and deep, tart flavour to all your dishes.


How to make Green Chilli pickle ?

1) In a stainless steel frypan, add mustard oil and start to heat it. To the hot oil add mustard seeds and saute them till they pop.
Green Chilli Pickle

2) Add curry leaves in the oil and some garlic cloves. Fry all of them for a couple of minutes and then add ginger garlic paste to it, with all the ground spices and salt.
Green Chilli Pickle

3) Add the processed green chillies into the oil mixture and fry them for a few minutes. Finish off the recipe with some lemon juice and take it off the heat.
Green Chilli Pickle

4) Let the pickle cool down and serve it with your favourite food or refrigerate in an airtight container for 2-3 months.
Green Chilli Pickle


Expert Tips

  1. Salting the zucchini is necessary to tenderise the vegetables.
  2. Let the tomatoes cool down before pureeing them.
  3. Saute and cook the bell peppers completely in the chef’s pan as they wouldn't cook fully through in the oven.


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