Palak Paneer Canapés

Ever wondered how to spruce up your usual indian main course items? Or how to serve your favourite main course items into bite size portions for your guests? This recipe is your solution to all those problems.



What is Palak Paneer ?

Palak Paneer, in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and other Indian languages, is the name of a vegetarian meal that combines paneer with a thick paste made from puréed spinach.

In restaurants, the names palak paneer and saag paneer are occasionally used interchangeably. Saag paneer, on the other hand, differs from conventional palak paneer in that it includes other green leafy vegetables, such as mustard greens, while palak paneer just comprises spinach. Palak paneer is a common specialty in dhaba restaurants.

Quick and Easy Palak Paneer Canapes

Transform your food game by turning your usual palak paneer curry into simply the best appetisers you can make. With an innovative and quick recipe to make which gets completed in less than 30 minutes, you now know the secret to having the fanciest dinner parties.

How to make Palak Paneer Canapes

  1. In a nonstick fry pan, melt some ghee and toast some cumin seeds, chopped green chilli and chopped garlic into it. Add blanched spinach into the pan and saute it a little. Top it off with some fresh cream, season with salt and set aside.    

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2. In another clean pan, melt some ghee, add chopped ginger into it and saute some grated paneer. Top it off with paprika powder, mix  and set it aside.  

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3. Set a board with everything laid out. Take a piece of cracker and top it with cooked spinach, followed by some paneer and then finish it off with some fried onions.

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Expert Tips

  1. Saute the garlic completely before adding the spinach.
  2. Make sure to blanch the spinach before adding it to the pan to properly cook it.
  3. The paneer should always be grated and not crushed for better results.


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