Chilli Chicken

You've had many variations of this dish. Sweet, spicy, with gravy, dry, good and bad, but have you ever tried making this yourself ? This recipe here guides you to the perfect chilli chicken at the comfort of your home.


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Chilli chicken can be called as the most popular Indo-Chinese dish ever to be made. The flavours in this dish are generally of hakka Chinese origin. It's generally prepared with boneless chicken, but many people prefer to use bone-in chicken. It comes in various forms, with the gravy being thin or thick or completely dry. The flavour can be completely spicy or with a hint of sweetness.

Quick and Easy Chilli Chicken

Did you ever think that chilli chicken could be prepared in such a small span of 25 minutes? Well try it for yourself with a recipe this simple, and ingredients easily available with you, there is no excuse for you to miss this one.


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How to make Chilli Chicken?

1) Take your chicken thigh cubes in a large bowl, marinate it with egg, garlic, ginger, also add dark and light soy sauce and vinegar and mix it all together.
Chicken Marination

2)Season the chicken with salt and add cornflour to form a loose batter and set it aside.
Chilli Chicken

3) In a nonstick fry pan, heat some oil to fry your chicken. Fry the morsels of marinated chicken thigh in batches, till they become crispy golden brown and cook completely from inside.
Chinese style chilli chicken

4) In a nonstick stir fry pan, add oil, garlic, ginger and chillies, saute for a bit and top them with soy sauce, water, chilli sauce and salt. bring it to a boil.
Chilli Chicken

5) Add cubed onions and pepper to the sauce mixture with the cherry tomatoes and toss. Top them off with some honey and cornstarch dissolved in water. Heat the sauce till it thickens.
Chilli Chicken

6) In the thick sauce, add the fried chicken cubes, coriander leaves and spring onions. Toss and coat them in the sauce completely.
Chilli Chicken

7) Serve it hot in a bowl and garnish with some more spring onions.

Expert Tips

1) You can set the marinated chicken aside for around 30 minutes to get a better end result.
2) If preparing ahead of time, fry the chicken halfway and refry and toss it at the time of serving.
3) Add more cornstarch for a thicker sauce.

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