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Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is an Indian fried chicken dish with a signature red color that comes from the red chili powder. There are many variations available for this dish across India with every different restaurant having their own spice mix, their own method of cooking the chicken. Let us save you a headache of looking through various ingredients and restaurants by giving you a fool proof recipe for homemade chicken 65.


Table of Contents

  1. What is Chicken 65?
  2. Quick and Easy chicken 65
  3. How to make chicken 65? 
  4. Expert Tips 
  5. Recipe Card  


What is Chicken 65?

Chicken 65 is a spicy fried chicken snack, which is credited to be founded at the Buhari hotel in Chennai. The major flavor is obtained from Kashmiri red chillies, which are also responsible for the bright red color of the dish. There are countless stories explaining the name chicken 65, some saying it has spices from 65 different dishes, while some claim that the chicken was first made for 65 people. Whatever the stories are, one thing we can believe is that the dish tastes amazing. There are also a few vegetarian versions of this made using cauliflower or potatoes.


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Quick and Easy Chicken 65

If you're a fan of fried chicken, chicken 65 is the dish you should specially try. Giving you the crispy chicken and a spicy kick, it's a full house of flavor and texture. Once you try the recipe, you'll find out how easy and how fast you can make this. With little to no effort, this fried chicken dish is completed in almost 30 minutes. So, your search for a convenient and super quick crispy fried chicken ends here, which would put a full stop to all your cravings.


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    How to make Chicken 65 ?

    1) Start by making your marinade. In a large bowl, add the hung curd, ginger & garlic paste, chopped curry leaves, black pepper, cumin powder, salt, kashmiri red chili powder and deggi mirch. Mix all together.
    Chicken 65

    2) To this hung curd marinade, add 500 grams of chicken thighs cut into cubes. Mix this all together, massaging and coating the chicken evenly. Keep it in the fridge to marinate for at least 30 minutes.
    hicken 65

    3) After the chicken is marinated, take it out of the fridge and add rice flour to it. Mix it well to incorporate completely.
    Chicken Marination
    4) Heat your oil in a stainless steel kadai. Add your chicken cubes into the oil and fry till it turns dark red and golden. Take it out on a tissue paper and fry the rest of the pieces similarly.
    Chicken Fry

    5) After all the chicken pieces are fried, in a separate pan, drizzle some oil. To the oil add julienned green chillies, minced garlic, a bunch of curry leaves and fry them a little.
    Chicken recipe

    6) Add the fried chicken pieces to the tempering mix we just made and toss the chicken, coating it completely with the fried chillies and garlic. Top with some black pepper according to your taste. Serve it hot directly from this stage.
    Chicken recipe


    Expert Tips

    1) Make sure to use chili powder rich in color because without that the chicken would not get the appropriate color.

    2) If you put in too much hung curd, you need not worry, because the rice flour would soak most of it up.

    3) Do not overcrowd the pan while frying. This would reduce the temperature and result in an uneven fry.

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