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Chicken Momos 2 Ways

Two-in-one options always bring too much delight in life. Right? So, here’s a recipe that doubles our happiness. Presenting the two ways of preparing momo!


The Ultimate Street Food dish made in the traditional way and also in an innovative new way so that you don’t have to go through with the whole hassle of wrapping the momos properly in the skin


Dumplings (momos' food cousin) have been loved by food lovers all over the world for a very long time. Momos gooey crust with a variety of fillings also reminds us of Wontons, Ravioli and how we forget the traditional Indian Modak! Momo can be best described as steamed or fried dumplings with a variety of fillings inside a thin flour pocket that can be given many shapes. Momos made its way in India from Tibet and Nepal with different meat and cooking styles. Now, you can easily enjoy them steamed, pan fried, deep fried and covered with some chutney or hot sauce. There's a veg version- cabbage, paneer, soya- and there’s the very popular chicken momo that has a juicy minced chicken filling mixed with some spices.

Momo is an affordable, easy to make snack (for some lunch and dinner too) which is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. Momo are small pockets of flour steamed or fried with umpty numbers of fillings, chicken, lamb, paneer, soy, etc. They are also fried in Schezwan sauce; momos done in tandoor have picked up well. Since people like to eat momos from the same plate, it is also a great snack to share with friends and family. One can make it spicy or cheesy, steam it or fry it in any way they want.

Different types of Momos

Steamed Momo

We understand that the word 'ma neu' In Newari language spoken by the Newa community of Kathmandu, Nepal, means to “eat steamed”. Also 'mog mog' from the Tibetan language has a similar meaning. So, dumplings from Nepal and the Tibetan region were originally steamed and are now famous as “Momo”. Simple yet delicious, thin flour crust steamed to perfection with juicy filling inside made of meat and veggies of your choice. Super easy and most of the restaurants offer them.

Momos in Chilly Garlic Sauce

Steamed momo gets tossed in a hot chilly garlic sauce for that extra kick is a must eat if you like it hot. There are plenty of restaurants preparing hot sauce and momo together. If you are craving for something spicy then go for it.

Cheese Momos

Blast of flavorful cheese, if you eat the whole Momo in one go, and that amazing cheese pull should you take half a bite. This is a sheer gastronomic delight!

Kothe Momos

Steamed Momo gets a layer of oil to make it even more succulent! Accentuated with spices like oregano and pepper, this is right for a spicy punch.

Tandoori Momo

Sheer culinary delight! Crispy, spicy, flavourful and amazing- all at once. If you love kebabs, this one is just for you.

Healthy Green Momo

Momo for Spinach Haters, that’s right! A smart way to make dough from flour and spinach. A nutritious green version is always the best choice and if it is tasty too, what else do we need!

Soaked Rice Version

This is where you have creativity playing its role, not a traditional dough rolled into thin sheets but using rice as the outer layer, this momo steamed to perfection.

How to make Chicken Momo 2 ways?

1) Start making the dough by combining refined flour, salt and 1/4 cup oil. Knead it for 10-12 mins until a soft dough is formed. Cover and rest the dough for at least 30 mins
2) In the meantime, make the filling for the momos by putting the chicken mince in a round bowl. Add in the finely chopped cabbage, half of the chopped ginger, half of the chopped coriander roots, 3-4 chopped cloves of garlic, 2 chopped chillies, 1 egg and cornflour along with salt and pepper. The filling should be well mixed and sticky to touch because of the egg and the cornflour.
Chicken Momo


3) Make small balls with the dough (lemon size) and roll them as thin as possible and round in shape, place a small spoon of the filling in the middle and fold the edges on top of each other and seal the edges with some water.
Steamed Momo


4) For the other type of momos, make a small ball with the chicken filling and roll them in soaked basmati rice until there is a layer of rice stuck to the chicken balls.

Steamed Chicken Momo


5) Once all the momos are filled, make the sauce by boiling the tomatoes, onion, remaining fresh red chillies (depending on the taste) and dry red chillies. Once they are boiled properly, blend them in a sauce with no lumps.
Chicken Momo

6) Make tempering in a pan with oil, chopped ginger and garlic and add in the blended sauce. Reduce till thick and adjust the seasoning. Balance it all with some sugar. Once the sauce is nice and thick and reduced, transfer it to a dipping bowl.

7) Steam both the types of momos for about 8-10 minutes. The rice should fluff up properly and should look like small spikes on the chicken filling. Serve hot with the tomato chutney.
Chicken Steamed Momo


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 Expert Tips

1) The dough consistency is the key, it should not be soft but smooth. 

2) It is advised to oil the steamer plate so that momos don’t stick.

3) You need to look for translucent/semi transparent outside that’s important for well steamed momo.

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