Chicken Kali Mirch

Sharing today the easiest recipe of how to make authentic restaurant style chicken kali mirch at home. The perfect dinner option, you can use the gravy of this recipe for other recipes also such as paneer or koftas. Easy and exquisite, this is truly one of the most versatile gravies that you can use to churn out numerous recipes. This tantalising recipe can be enjoyed with any Indian flatbread or rice.


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Chicken Kali Mirch is a spicy Chicken Curry that is prepared using a lot of kali mirch (Black Pepper) and other spices. Also known as Murgh kali mirch, this is an irresistible chicken curry recipe that is simmered with lots of black pepper in a white gravy. The chicken is marinated in luscious spices to give it a tantalising flavour. Though black pepper is the major attraction of this curry, other spices such as coriander powder, cumin powder and garam masala powder are also added to make the dish even more delicious. This dish is also good for our overall health as black pepper helps in digestion and also promotes weight loss.

Quick and Easy Chicken Kali Mirch

Inviting and irresistible, this is a simple and sumptuous white coloured chicken curry where the base is prepared using milk and flavoured with lots of black pepper. This is truly an easy to cook recipe that can be prepared effortlessly for your family as well as guests. This is also a perfect non vegetarian curry recipe that can be prepared and served during Eid festival or any party. So, if you haven't tried this delicious chicken kali mirch recipe, then try it right away, you will certainly love it.

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How to make Chicken Kali Mirch?

1) In a deep pot, heat water and milk. Once it comes to boil, add chopped onions, green chillies, cardamom and cashews to it. Let this boil till the mixture is reduced by half. Remove the pan from heat and let the mixture cool.

Chicken Kali Mirch

2) Strain and grind the onion and cashew nuts, then blend into a fine/smooth paste that will be used as the base of this curry.

3) Marinate the chicken with ginger garlic paste and leave for 20 mins . You can also let the marinated chicken rest in the fridge.
Chicken Curry

4) When the chicken is ready to be cooked after marination, then heat ghee or any other oil in a Meyer Select Stainless Steel kadai. Next, add ginger juliennes and slit green chillies to it.
Chicken Curry

5) Now add in the marinated chicken thighs and cook on high heat until they are nicely seared and have got light golden brown. Add in the prepared gravy. Cover and cook the chicken until it is tender. Add in the butter and cream for creaminess.

6) Finish off with black pepper and kasoori methi. Dish out the chicken kali mirch and serve it with lachcha paratha, phulkas or rice.
Chicken Kali Mirch

Expert Tips

  1. Don’t add red chilli powder and turmeric powder as this will change the white colour of the gravy.
  2. Fresh cream is added to make the curry more creamy and rich but you can avoid it.
  3. Instead of milk, you can also use curd to add creaminess and enhance its white colour.
  4. You can also make a dry version of this dish by cooking the chicken till the gravy gets completely absorbed.

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