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Chicken Popcorn

We all have tried chicken popcorn from our favourite restaurants and cafes at least once in our lives. It is one of those snacks that combine the crispiness of a fried chicken with the flavour and goodness of piquant spices; all packed in finger sized portions similar to a popcorn. So, get ready to try this amazing recipe to make the perfect chicken popcorn right at your home.


What is chicken popcorn?

Popcorn chicken is a dish made out of tiny, bite-sized pieces of breaded and fried chicken. KFC invented the concept initially, but many outlets have since caught on. It was essentially created for people who desired a good fried chicken but were not willing to go through a whole giant portion and pick out bones.


Quick and Easy chicken Popcorn 

If you love the convenience of eating chicken popcorn, you are going to love how easy they are to make at home. With this recipe, you can have chicken popcorn, anytime from the comfort of your home.

How to make Chicken Popcorn

1.In a large bowl of chicken breast cubes, add ginger garlic paste, with some curd, salt, onion powder, oregano, parsley and mustard, chilli paste and chilli powder with a whole egg. Mix everything together into a marination.

Chicken popcorn image1


2. In a separate plate add refined flour, peri peri, black pepper and salt. Heat refined oil in a stainless steel kadai for frying.   

Chicken popcorn image2


3. Toss and coat the chicken cubes into refined flour, deep fry them in oil at a low temperature, to fully cook through. Take them out, and increase the temperature, refry them till crispy.

Chicken popcorn image3


4. Serve the popcorn hot, in a basket with your favourite dip.  

Chicken popcorn image4

Expert Tips

  1. Let the chicken marinate overnight for the best results.
  2. Make sure to season the flour or the chicken would taste bland.
  3. Do not fry the chicken in one go or it will get saturated with oil.

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