Amritsari Fish and Chips

Those who love fish and chips are sure to be delighted by this new recipe. The classic fish and chips with our Indian variation of fish Amritsari is a fried fiesta for this weather. Crispy fried potato chips with the amazingly spicy and flavourful Amritsari fish, this is a recipe you should definitely try.


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  1. What are Fish and Chips?
  2. Quick and Easy Amritsari Fish and Chips
  3. How to make Amritsari Fish and Chips? 
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What are Amritsari Fish and Chips ?

​​Fish and chips is an adventure of fried items in one dish with batter fried fish and fried potato chips. The basic varieties differ in the kind of chips they use. The British use potato chips that are thicker in size while the American version has steak fries or French fries. The batter for the fish usually contains baking soda or some sort of beer for carbonation to add the lightness to the fish.


Quick and Easy Amritsari Fish and Chips

This is a classic dish of crispy potato chips served with the Indian version of Amritsari fish instead of the regular beer battered fish. It's a dish that delights the palate with the sumptuous addition of the Amritsari fish instead of the usual, adding spicy Indian punch to it. The crispy brown Amritsari fish, with the potato chips and chaat masala on top, will surely be loved and lapped by all. 


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    How to make Amritsari Fish and Chips ?

    1) Start by cracking 1 egg in a bowl, add the flours with the ginger & garlic paste and whisk them together into a batter.
    Amritsari Fish and Chips

    2) To the batter, add all the dry spices, with some lemon juice and end it with some fried fenugreek leaves. Mix them all together and add a little water to thin out the batter.
    Amritsari Fish and Chips

    3) Cure the fish fillets with a little cornflour, salt and lemon and rub them together.
    Amritsari Fish and Chips

    4) Add the fish into the batter, coat it completely and set it aside.
    Amritsari Fish and Chips

    5) Chop the potatoes into fries and coat them with some cornstarch and red chilli powder.
    Amritsari Fish and Chips

    6) Heat oil for frying in a stainless steel kadai. Fry your marinated fish fillets until dark brown, crispy and fully cooked.
    Amritsari Fish and Chips

    7) Once the fish is done, fry the potatoes in the same oil and put them together with the fish in a basket. Sprinkle some chaat masala on top of the fish and eat it hot.
    Amritsari Fish and Chips


    Expert Tips

    1) The thinner the batter the crispier it would be.

    2) The fish should be cured just when it's about to be fried, or it might dry out.

    3) Chaat masala is an optional addition, you can also garnish with some fresh coriander leaves.

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