Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle

Packed with fruits, cream, jam and honey, this wonder in a glass is perfect to kickstart your weekend on a sweet note! What more, this simple recipe can be rustled up in just under 30 minutes.


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  1. What is a Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle?
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  3. How to make Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle ?
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What is a Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle?

​​A trifle is a layered English dessert that is usually made with a thin layer of soaked sponge cakes or lady finger biscuits. It is followed by a layer of some form of wine or sherry, with a layer of fresh cut fruits or fruit flavoured jam and then topped with whipped cream. Our version of the trifle is a vegan dessert that consists of layers of beetroot soaked tapioca pearls, freshly cut apples mixed in coconut cream, followed by honey and mango sauces.


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Quick and Easy Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle

A dessert that is not only plant-based but also uses unprocessed foods. Jars of tapioca trifle homemade with layers of fruit pudding! These are the perfect dessert or make them in advance for a dinner party!. 


Suggested cookware for the recipe 

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    How to make Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle ?

    1) In a nonstick frying pan, add mango jam and honey with some water. Add chopped mangoes into the pan and mix it into a thick compote.Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle

    2) In a separate bowl take 1 cup of soaked and boiled tapioca pearls and add beetroot juice into it. Let it rest for at least 30 mins and absorb the beetroot juice.
    Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle

    3) In a martini glass layer the dessert, starting with a thick layer of beetroot tapioca pearls, followed by diced apples mixed with coconut cream.
    Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle

    4) Drizzle some honey over the apples and top it off with some more beetroot tapioca pearls. Finish off the whole affair with a few spoons of the mango sauce.
    Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle

    5) Garnish the trifle with some fresh mangoes and mint leaves
    Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle


    Expert Tips

    1. Do not overcook the mango sauce or it might become too smooth.
    2. Make sure not to leave the tapioca pearls for too long or they might disintegrate in the water.
    3. Layer everything evenly, do not add more of something as that can hamper the flavour of the dish.

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