Moong Dal Halwa Trifle

Moong dal halwa is simply one of the most common Indian sweet dishes there is, and paired with an English classic, that's going to be totally amazing. We've got our moong dal halwa layered between a rose and vanilla custard topped with a crunchy layer of caramelised sugar brulee. This whole amalgamation makes this recipe worth a shot.


How to make Moong dal halwa Trifle

  1. Start by heating the milk for custard. Once the milk is hot, transfer a few teaspoons into a small bowl with vanilla custard powder and mix them together into a thick paste. Transfer the custard paste back into the milk and cook it till it forms a thick custard.

 Moong Dal Halwa Trifle image 1


2. Transfer the custard into a bowl, and add some rose syrup over it, mix that in with some chia seeds as well and refrigerate the custard for 30 minutes.   

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3. Start the moong dal halwa, by heating milk in a saucepan, with some sugar till it is dissolved. While the sugar dissolves, melt ghee in a nonstick chef's pan and add soaked moong dal paste into it. 

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4. Roast the dal paste into the ghee until it is nutty brown in colour and has a crumbly texture. Once you reach this stage, add the hot milk and sugar mixture into the halwa and mix it together completely till the halwa is light and fluffy.  

Moong Dal Halwa Trifle image 4


5. Layer the trifle in a martini glass, with the first layer of chia seed rose custard, followed by some slivered almond and then finally a layer of thick and fluffy moong dal halwa.  

Moong Dal Halwa Trifle image 5


6. After layering everything, spread a thin layer of caster sugar on top and broil it under a 250 degree celsius oven till the sugar is melted and caramelised. Chill the whole trifle and enjoy.

Moong Dal Halwa Trifle image 5

Expert Tips

  1. Do not mix the custard powder directly with the hot milk or it might have big lumps.
  2. Add or reduce the amount of rose syrup as per your liking.
  3. The moong dal halwa should be stirred constantly, as leaving it can form lumps easily.

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