Besan ke Laddu

Who doesn't love a good Besan Laddu? And during this time of Ganesh Chathurti it's in even bigger demand. We all love them, but have you ever tried making them at home? Well this amazing detailed recipe will help you achieve the perfect besan laddu at your home.


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  1. What is Besan ke Laddu ?
  2. Quick and Easy Besan Ke Laddu
  3. How to make Besan Ke Laddu ?
  4. Expert Tips
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What is Besan Ke Laddu?

​​Besan ke Laddu are an Indian confection or mithai made out of besan, which is chickpea flour or besan roasted along with ghee and sugar. This mixture is cooled down and formed into spherical pieces which are called laddus. They are a very popular sweet item, available in every sweet shop and are also given as prasad on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. 


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    Quick and Easy Besan Ke Laddu

    Once you eat the besan ke laddu that you make from this recipe, you won’t like them from anywhere else. This recipe perfectly explains each and every detail on how to make the perfect besan laddu with specific tips and recipe notes, making the process as easy for you as possible.  


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      How to make Besan Ke Laddu?

      1) Firstly, heat a ceramic kadai, add the besan and toast it for 4-5 minutes on low heat. Do this till you start to smell the besan and then add the haldi.

      Besan ke Laddu

      2) Add ½ cup ghee to the kadai and incorporate it completely till it's thoroughly combined and keep on roasting it for 8-10 minutes on low heat.
      Besan ke Laddu

      3) Add a tbsp of ghee to the pan if needed and then add the chopped almonds. Mix the almonds thoroughly while slightly roasting them.
      Besan ke Laddu

      4) Transfer the mixture into a large bowl to cool down and constantly stir it to assist the process..
      Besan ke Laddu

      5) Once the besan mix is at room temperature, add the caster sugar in 2-3 parts and incorporate it with the help of your hands.
      Besan ke Laddu

      6) Form even size balls of laddus with your hands and plate them. Garnish them with some silver warq and sliced nuts.
      Besan ke Laddu


      Expert Tips

      1. Make sure not to heat the besan and ghee on high as this would burn the besan and form knots.
      2. You'll know the besan is done once it starts to get really aromatic and the colour slightly darkens.
      3. Do not add the sugar when the besan is warm as this would melt the sugar.

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