Cheesy Okra Tempura

Here’s presenting our own desi Bhindi also known as Okra stuffed with spicy cheese mixture and dipped in a delicious tempura, fried till it turns into a flavourful crispy snack that you can go on and on with.


Okra is great when it comes to Stuffed Vegetables and making a veggie tempura. It can be popped right into your mouth. With the bite for your teeth and a delicious filling of cheese, it presents you with the flavour you can never get over with! People who don’t like okra because it is slimy can now try the tastier version of “Desi Bhindi” without worrying about slime and seeds. A fantastic party snack which you should try with your family and friends!

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Hindi for Okra is Bhindi, and Tempura-a way of frying mostly fish and veggies in a batter of flour, spices, or other forms of starch such as eggs, spices and water. Bhindi is one of the vegetables which has both loves and haters, I typically don’t like bhindi when prepared traditionally like a Sabzi, it is slimy, seedy and miss that crunch I love, however, okra tempura is the perfect evening snack with tea or side dish with any of the curries or lentils. That coating of the tasty batter makes it crispy, and the spicy, cheesy filling is so satisfying that you want to go through the experience by popping another piece of the crunchy snack right into your mouth. It may remind you of “Kurkuri Bhindi” but there is a significant difference in taste and flavour. Tempura is generally associated with Japanese fried cuisine which now has become very renowned across the globe. So, try this restaurant-style Okra Tempura at the comfort of your house.

Okra Tempura v/s Kurkuri Bhindi

I think they both are a delicious way of representing a vegetable which is known to have a mixed feeling. Okra, ladies finger or bhindi is a green vegetable, full of healthy nutrients, but it is slimy too, which is not preferred by many. Though slime is good for digestion, many would not want to savour a slimy okra. So, what do we do? The answer is simple. Dip it in a flavorful batter and get the best out of veggies that you don’t usually want to eat. So, Okra Tempura and Kurkuri Bhindi will anyone and everyone try this amazing, tasty veggie. In both these recipes you have to slit the bhindi and clean the inside to remove the seeds and that extra slime as much as possible.

There is a significant difference between Tempura and Kurkuri Bhindi batter. Tempura is a light semi-thick consistency batter that has starchy flour, some spices, eggs (optional), and cold water. Here, stuffed okra is dipped into a light batter and then fried. Whereas, in kurkuri bhindi you coat and marinate the veggie with dry besan mixed with spices and seasoning and shallow fry or deep fry it the way you prefer. Okra Tempura and Kurkuri Bhindi are both excellent snacks that are also served as a side dish with dal, rice, curries etc. I am sure you are going to love trying Okra Tempura, which is actually an international version of Kurkuri bhindi.

Suggested cookware for the recipe 

    How to make Cheesy Okra Tempura?

    1) Clean okras and dry them well. Slit and keep them aside.
    Clean Okra

    2) In a separate bowl, take grated cheese. Add chilli flakes, parsley, pine nuts, mixed herbs, seasoning and mix properly.
    Fried Bhindi

    3) Make a semi thick batter using tempura flour.
    Okra Tempura

    4) Stuff the okra with the cheese mixture and freeze for 10 mins
    Fried Okra

    5) Coat the frozen okra with the tempura batter and deep fry in a Meyer Stir Fry Pan until crispy.
    Cheese Okra Tempura

    5) Serve hot with the dip of your choice.

    Expert Tip

    1) Oil should be hot, otherwise bhindi can absorb a lot of oil.

    2) Take fresh bhindi which is not too fibrous or slimy.

    3) You can try different type of cheese and spices.

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