Scallion Pancake

Crispy golden brown, savoury pancakes, with a spicy onion filling, served with an umami soy ginger dipping sauce. Perfect under 30 mins snack.

Here’s a globally loved recipe that has appeased the palate of foodies with its incredible texture and flavour!.Scallion Pancake, also traditionally known as Cong You Bing, is a Chinese flatbread stuffed with oil/ butter and green onions with some seasoning. It's different from a regular pancake because of its savoury flavour instead of sweet and it is made with a dough instead of batter. This pancake is made by rolling a sheet of dough, which gives it its flaky and crispy texture. 


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A scallion pancake or green onion pancake is a Chinese dish made with rolling a sheet of bread dough with an oil/ butter and scallion filling, dividing and flattening into the shape of a pancake and shallow frying in a dosa tawa to achieve some flaky and golden brown layers and crust. It's a creation that is crispy from the outside but chewy from the inside. it can have many variations with the different kinds of fillings inside. It was originally a street food item, but is also served in restaurants and is widely sold as frozen food.

Quick and Easy Scallion Pancake

I first saw this dish in a movie scene and tried it out by making it at home for myself and let me tell you it's the perfect and easy recipe for someone looking for a quick snack in under 30 minutes. You should definitely try this salty pancake because it consists of all the elements from crispy to chewy, with the spicy and onion filling and an umami bomb given by the soy ginger dipping sauce, which is a flavor blast in itself.


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How to make Scallion Pancakes?

1) Start by adding flour, salt and oil in a bowl. Make a small well at the centre so to make a dam and add water to knead the dough.
Scallion Pancakes

2) Knead the dough till it reaches the consistency of a paratha dough and rest it for 15 mins to let the gluten relax. This would help to ease the rolling part.
Scallion Pancakes

3) While the dough is resting, in another bowl add soy sauce, honey, chilli flakes, sesame oil, sweet chilli oil, about 2 tbsp of chopped scallions, ginger and garlic. Whisk this all together to form the soy dipping sauce.
Scallion Pancakes

4) Take your dough out of the bowl on a pre floured surface and roll it out using a rolling pin into a thin sheet. Keep on stretching and slapping the dough on the surface to get the maximum thickness.

5) Over this sheet of dough, spread a dollop of softened butter evenly. Top the sheet with chopped scallions and sprinkle some chilli flakes and mixed herbs with some chopped ginger. These would be the filling for our pancakes.
Scallion Pancakes

6) From the length of the dough, start to roll it into itself tightly, with all the filling inside and form a log. Flour this log and cut it into slices using a knife and roll all of them out on a floured surface.
Scallion Pancakes

7) Heat a Meyer Dosa Tawa on high heat, rub it with oil to season the pan. Place up to 6 pancakes on a hot pan and let them shallow fry till crispy and golden brown.
Scallion Pancakes

8) Serve them hot with the soy ginger dipping sauce.
Scallion Pancakes

Expert Tips

  1. Roll the pancakes according to the size of your palm.
  2. Roll in the dough sheet tightly to avoid air pockets and loose dough.
  3. Only use fresh onions; brown onions will give an unpleasant taste.
  4. Keep on rotating the pancakes on the tawa to fry it evenly.

*Note: Oil inside the dough helps to make it more flaky and crispy. Use the freshest scallions to get the best flour out of them. Soy dipping sauce is also salty so add salt in the pancake accordingly.

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