Soya Chunk Curry

Not in the mood to make a full blown non-veg keema curry, but still feel like having it or something similar ? Well, this soya chunk curry is going to help you satiate your cravings. It's a quick recipe, done in just 20 minutes and even works for all your vegetarian family members and friends.


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  2. Quick and Easy Soya Chunk Curry
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What is Soya Chunk Curry?

​​Soya chunk curry is a basic Indian masala with soya chunks and granules added to it. It makes a curry with the Indian flavours and is quite similar to the texture of any keema meat curry. This basic recipe is a quick vegetarian hack for a good meal, and it doesn't involve any fancy ingredients either. It's prepared using the usual tomato and onion masala.


Quick and Easy Soya Chunk Curry

This is a spicy, flavourful soya chunk curry that has the texture similar to that of keema meat. A recipe this quick, which tastes so amazing, is going to be hard to ignore. The entire recipe is prepared in just 20 minutes, with all the ingredients easily available in your pantry. 


Suggested cookware for the recipe 

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    How to make Soya Chunk Curry?

    1) In a non-stick kadai, heat some oil, add the chopped ginger and garlic, green chillies and chopped onions to the pan. Sweat the onions till they are slightly translucent.

    Soya chunk Curry

    2) To the onions, add all the dry spice powders, season to taste with salt and mix it all together.
    Soya chunk Curry

    3) Add some water to the pan and follow it up with some chopped tomatoes. Mix them together and cover them to cook for 10 minutes.
    Soya chunk Curry

    4) Add the boiled soya chunks and the soya granules to the prepared masala. Mix them together completely with the masala.
    Soya chunk Curry

    5) Add some water to adjust the thickness of the curry and finish it off with some chopped coriander leaves.
    Soya chunk Curry


    Expert Tips

    1. Sweat the onions properly before you add the spices and the water.
    2. The water is added to the pan to prevent the spices from burning.
    3. The soya chunks and granules boil fairly quickly, so do that while the tomatoes are cooking.

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