Chicken Cutlets

Want to try a crispy cutlet, but bored with the usual mashed potato and vegetable filling? Try out this new recipe for a crispy and spicy chicken cutlet, made with juicy and flavourful chicken and crunchy breadcrumb coating.


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  1. What are Chicken Cutlets ?
  2. Quick and Easy Chicken Cutlets
  3. How to make Chicken Cutlets ? 
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What are Chicken Cutlets ?

​​Cutlets are a popular appetiser in French cuisine. They are a version of the fried croquettes in French cuisine. Cutlets in India generally refer to mashed vegetables and meats, formed into a specific shape and covered in flour or bread. These cutlets are deep fried to a crisp brown texture and served hot with some sort of chutney or ketchup. Cutlets are popular in Kolkata in India. These were famous as street food and are even served in many fine dine places as appetisers.


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Quick and Easy Chicken Cutlets

This short and simple recipe takes away all your excuses of not trying it as it gets ready in just 5 minutes and that too using just only one piece of equipment. The master chopper can be used to chop and mince all the vegetables as well as grate the boiled potatoes into it, making the job way easier for you. 


Suggested cookware for the recipe 


    How to make Chicken Cutlets?

    1) In the Master Chopper, add your chicken mince. Attach the grater attachment and grate 3 boiled potatoes into it.

    Chicken Cutlet

    2) Next add chopped ginger & garlic, grated cheese, chopped onions, green chillies, chilli flakes, salt and pepper to taste and some red chilli powder. Finish it off with some fresh coriander leaves.
    Marinate Chicken

    3) Attach the blades of the chopped in the mixer, put the lid on and start chopping all the ingredients until they get processed into a fine even mince.
    Chicken Cutlet

    4) Empty the mix in a large bowl and add some oil and breadcrumbs to it for binding, and mix them together
    Chicken Cutlet

    5) Form the mince into cutlets and cover them with bread crumbs.
    Chicken Cutlet

    6) Deep fry the cutlets in hot oil for 4-5 minutes, until the chicken is cooked and the crust is golden brown and crispy.
    Chicken Cutlet

    7) Serve them hot and sprinkle some sea salt over the cutlets to finish.
    Chicken Cutlet


    Expert Tips

    1) Make sure all the vegetables are evenly minced to get even texture throughout.

    2) The breadcrumbs and cheese are integral for the binding of the cutlets, do not skip them.

    3) Fry them on a medium low heat so that they don't brown quickly before they are cooked.

    Recipe Card


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