Black Bean String Beans

Here’s a quick recipe for you all that not only works as a healthy and easy snack, but also goes as the perfect side dish with all your Chinese as well as Indian dishes. Loaded with oriental flavours, this simple back bean French beans recipe is perfect to prepare any time.


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  1. What are Black Bean String Beans?
  2. Quick and Easy Black Bean String Beans
  3. How to make black Bean String Beans?
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What are Black Bean String Beans ?

​​This recipe is something that can act as a vessel to support your main dish. It can be served with other dishes like fried rice or sweet and sour chicken as a vegetable side dish. French beans cooked and tossed in a black bean rich sauce act as a bomb of umami flavour that accentuates Chinese as well as Indian dishes.


Quick and Easy Black Bean String Beans

A simple recipe that will take your main dish to another level! Create a healthy accompaniment to your Chinese fried chicken, or your chicken 65, providing some more body to your dish and giving you a balanced meal at the end of the day. It gets ready simultaneously with your main dish and teams really well with whatever main course you have prepared.  


Suggested cookware for the recipe 

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    How to make Black Bean String Beans ?

    1) In a stainless steel kadai, boil some water. While the water is boiling, cut the tips off the French beans. To the boiling water add the prepared beans and blanch them for 40-50 seconds.

    Black Bean String Beans

    2) Transfer the crispy green beans to ice water to shock them and then set them aside.
    Black Bean String Beans

    3) In a clean stainless steel kadai, add butter. Into the butter saute chopped garlic and ginger, followed by some slit red chillies and black bean paste.
    Black Bean String Beans

    4) To the sauce add some light soy sauce and honey, followed by some chopped peanuts and season it to taste with black pepper.
    Black Bean String Beans

    5) Toss in the blanched French beans and coat them thoroughly. Finish the dish off with some sesame oil and cornstarch slurry to adjust the consistency.
    Black Bean String Beans

    6) Serve them hot, topped with the excess black bean sauce.
    Black Bean String Beans


    Expert Tips

    1. Make sure the water is boiling before adding in the beans.
    2. Don't blanch the beans for more than 40-50 seconds or they might start to lose their colour.
    3. The cornstarch slurry is only necessary if the sauce is too thin.

    Recipe Card

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