Coffee And Caramel Cake

It’s always wise to try a new dessert every once in a while; afterall, it’s always good to keep our taste buds happy and satisfied. Here’s bringing your way the recipe of coffee caramel cake that is totally different and delectable. With a shortcrust base, a centre made with rich coffee custard and topped with some intense caramel and almonds, this recipe is gourmet, great and of course easy!


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  1. What is a Coffee and Caramel Cake ?
  2. Rich and Decadent Coffee and Caramel Cake
  3. How to make Coffee and Caramel Cake?
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What is a Coffee and Caramel Cake ?

​​This coffee and caramel cake is an adaptation of the classic French dessert called the creme caramel, which is also popularly known as caramel custard. A caramel custard has the base of French custard baked over some intense caramel and then chilled in the fridge till it sets. This custard is then turned out of the mould and then devoured with delight. Similar to this, in the coffee caramel cake, there is a coffee flavoured custard, but it is placed over a shortcrust base and topped with caramel. As it is in a non-stick springform pan, it can easily be moulded without turning it upside down.


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Rich and Decadent Coffee and Caramel Cake

This cake is not your usual sweet sponge cake. It's baked with a layer of flaky shortcrust pastry, followed by a rich and sweet coffee custard, topped with a deep intense caramel and almond slices; this cake is to die for. Follow this simple step by step recipe to make this cake.  


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    How to make Coffee and Caramel Cake ?

    1) Start by preheating your oven to 180 degree celsius. In a bowl combine refined flour with sugar, salt, butter and knead them together into a soft and crumbly dough.

    Coffee and Caramel Cake

    2) In a Non-stick Spring form Cake Tin , spread out the dough by pressing it in with your fingers. Prick the dough with a fork and bake it for 20 minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven.
    Coffee and Caramel Cake

    3) In a stainless steel milk pan, combine whole milk, some instant coffee, fresh cream and condensed milk. Heat it on medium low heat till it almost comes to a boil.
    Coffee and Caramel Cake

    4) Take two different bowls and add two separate eggs. To the yolks add caster sugar, and cream them together and whisk the egg whites separately till they form soft peaks.
    Coffee and Caramel Cake

    5) Pour the coffee and milk mixture slowly into the yolks, constantly stirring them together till everything is combined. Transfer it back into the saucepan, add some cornstarch and heat it till it thickens up a little bit.
    Coffee and Caramel Cake

    6) Once the mixture is thick, let it cool for a while and then fold in the egg whites into the milk mixture. Once combined, pour the mixture into the mould over the shortcrust pastry and bake it into a preheated 160 degree oven for 45 minutes.
    Coffee and Caramel Cake

    7) While the custard is baking, melt some sugar with water in a nonstick pan and let it caramelise. Once the desired colour is achieved, add in some butter and emulsify. Finish the caramel with some sliced almonds and pour it on top of the cake and chill it till its set.
    Coffee and Caramel Cake

    8) Once the cake is set, take it out of the pan and demould it from the springform pan. Slice and enjoy.
    Coffee and Caramel Cake


    Expert Tips

    1. Do not over knead the shortcrust pastry or it might not turn out as flaky as it should be.
    2. Pour the milk slowly into the eggs, or they might curdle.
    3. Do not over caramelise the sugar or it might taste really bitter.

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