Hand-Pulled Sesame Braised Noodles

In the mood to make some authentic chinese? This recipe for the hand-pulled sesame braised noodles has got you covered. Fresh hand-pulled noodles, with a spicy and sticky sesame sauce, that coats the noodles perfectly. tossed with stir fried vegetables and toasted sesame seeds, this recipe is a full power-house.


Nothing compares to the taste and texture of fresh hand-made noodles. The rough edges and the inconsistencies add to the rustic feel of the dish. Try making it with your partner as a bonding exercise and you are sure to have loads of fun! 


Hand- pulled noodles are made from a soft dough and are of Chinese origin. These are called lamian in chinese which literally translates to hand pulled. This recipe makes the noodles by rolling and stretching the dough into a thin sheet and cutting it into noodles. even though traditionally these are made by stretching individual strands of dough, the style of making the hand-pulled noodles has evolved quite a lot

Quick and Easy Hand-pulled Sesame Braised Noodles

This delicious recipe is my go to option for having some quick chinese at home. It has simple ingredients, easily available at everyone's home. It gives out unbelievable results and guarantees a smile for the people who like chinese. A noodle recipe like this is not only restricted to one option but can be used in so many different ways, like eating with a clear chicken soup or a sweet chili sauce, there is no limit.


Suggested cookware for the recipe 


How to make Hand-pulled Sesame Braised Noodles?

1) In a bowl start by adding the flour, salt, an egg and start to knead with water and make a tight but soft dough out of it. The egg is totally optional in the recipe, it's there to provide elasticity and a spring to the dough. You can eliminate the egg for an eggless option.
Sesame Noodles

2) Start to roll out the dough on a floured surface to be as thin as possible. It helps to stretch the dough a little while rolling it out to get a thinner sheet.
Home Pulled Noodles

3) Stack the sheet of dough by folding it over itself, while keeping in mind to flour each layer generously to avoid the dough from sticking to itself.

4) Once the dough is folded into a fan, dust some flour on your knife and start to slice it into even sized noodles of 5mm thickness.

5) To cook the noodles, boil water using Meyer Milk Pan and add some salt and oil to it. Drop the pasta in the boiling water and cook for 4 mins or until al dente.
Sesame Noodles

6) For the sauce, start by heating the oil in a Meyer Select Stainless Steel Kadai, add in your chopped ginger and garlic and fry for a minute.

7) In the sauce add the sliced onions and bell peppers and stir fry them, till the sweat a little and attain some color.

8) Over the vegetables add the light soya sauce, a few drops of dark soy sauce and the chili paste. Add a few drops of water and incorporate everything and stir fry the vegetables to make a sauce.

9) Mix the cornflour with equal parts water and make a slurry out of it. Add this slurry to the sauce to give it a thick glaze like consistency.

10) Taste the sauce for seasoning and adjust accordingly.

11) Add the cooked noodles in the sauce and toss them using tongs. Coat them in the sauce thoroughly and stir fry on a high flame till they are hot.
Sesame Noodles

12) Serve them in a plate or a bowl and garnish with toasted sesame seeds.

Expert Tips
1) Cut all the noodle slices of the same size, so that they cook evenly.
2) Make sure to salt the boiling water otherwise the noodles would taste bland.
3) Use the cornstarch slurry to your desired thickness. Too much can result in a sauce that's too thick.

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