Homemade Ramen Bowl

The ultimate comfort food with a deeply flavoured broth, noodles and fresh vegetables. It's easy to make without creating a mess in your kitchen

Chase the flavors

Serves 2-3

Prep time 10 Minutes

Cooking time 10 Minutes


Sesame oil - 10 ml

Ginger - 1 knot

Garlic - 3 cloves

Onion - 1

Light soy sauce - 20 ml

Chicken broth - 1 tbsp

Coriander - 1 bunch

Sweet chilli sauce - 1 tbsp

Fish sauce - Few drops

White vinegar - 1 tsp

Noodles - Handful

Bell peppers - 1 each

Spring onion - 2-3

Egg - 1


1) In a milk pan, heat the sesame oil and add the chopped ginger and garlic to it

2) Finely slice an onion and add it to the pan

3) Pour in a litre of water and bring it to the boil

4) Wash the coriander roots and separate it from the leaves and add it to the pan

5) Next, put in the soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, salt, pepper fish sauce, vinegar and the chicken broth powder

6) Cover it and let it simmer for about 30 mins

7) Strain the liquid and bring it back to a boil

8) For plating up, in a bowl make a bed of boiled noodles

9) Pour the hot broth on top and garnish with the sliced bell peppers, coriander leaves, spring onion stalks and a halved boiled egg

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