Moong Dal Halwa


Let us begin the Diwali Vibes this festive season with an opulent Moong Dal Halwa, which isn’t short of any ghee or sugar and is completely loaded with chopped pista and almonds. This saffron infused halwa is something that most people drool over when coming to a dinner party, hence its the perfect dessert to prepare at home.


What is Moong Dal Halwa ?

Halwa as a sweet is something that originated from persia. It is flour or grain based confection that is prepared by toasting the flour or grain paste in ghee and then water, sugar and milk is added to the pan and heated till it reaches the desired consistency. In Moong Dal Ka Halwa, we roast the soaked dal paste in ghee and then add a water and sugar chashni in the end to make a halwa, with a lot of chopped nuts.



Classic and Easy Moong Dal Halwa

We all love a good moong dal halwa, but deep down everyone is afraid to try it at home, hearing how labour intensive and difficult it is to get right. This recipe for the perfect moong dal halwa is made easier in a ceramic non-stick kadai, making it an effortless recipe with absolutely no sticking and even roasting.


How to make Moong Dal Halwa 

1. Start by making the chashni in a stainless steel milk pan. Add water and sugar to it and heat it till the sugar is dissolved, add some cardamom powder and set it aside.   

Moong daal halwa image 1


2.  In a ceramic non-stick kadai, melt the ghee and add besan and sooji to it. Incorporate it using a silicone spatula and roast it over low flame till it is golden brown and roasted.  

Moong daal halwa image 2


3. Add the soaked moong dal paste into the kadai and keep on stirring it, till it gets incorporated and keep on roasting it while constantly stirring. The dal paste would start to brown and become grainy as it roasts.  

Moong daal halwa image 3


4. Continue roasting the halwa, until the raw dal smell is replaced by a nutty roasted flavour and has taken a more dark colour than the beginning. Now add the sugar syrup prepared in the beginning into the halwa, all in one go, while constantly stirring the bubbly mixture.   

Moong daal halwa image 4


5. Keep on stirring the halwa as it bubbles, add saffron water to the halwa, along with some chopped nuts and mix them together.  

Moong daal halwa image 5


6. Once the halwa reaches the desired consistency take it off the heat and serve it hot with ground or fine chopped nuts sprinkled over it.

Moong daal halwa image 6


Expert Tips

  1. Make sure to blend the soaked dal very fine without any grainy chunks. 
  2. You can add or replace as many nuts as you want.
  3. You can optionally also add ½ a cup of milk to the pan after adding the water to make a more rich and moist halwa.


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