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Veg Nasi Goreng | Desi Style

Veg Nasi Goreng is a healthy and filling dish that is packed with nutrients. It is a good source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. This dish is also low in calories and fat, making it an ideal choice for those watching their weight. Veg Nasi Goreng is a delicious and nutritious meal that can be enjoyed by everyone. Try this easy recipe today and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal.



  • Vegetarian
  • Easy to make
  • Spicy
  • Asian-inspired
  • A breakfast dish (can be served as a dinner or lunch too)


This Veg Nasi Goreng is made with seasoned rice, veggies, and a savory sauce. It's hearty, filling, and so satisfying! Plus, it's easy to make and can be on the table in just 30 minutes.

Whether you're looking for a quick weeknight meal or want to impress your guests, this Veg Nasi Goreng is sure to please. Give it a try today and let us know what you think!


Table of Content

  1. What is Nasi Goreng ? 
  2. Brief Knowledge about the ingredients used to make Nasi Goreng 
  3. How to cook egg for Nasi Goreng  
  4. How to serve Nasi Goreng 
  5. Influencer review about trivantage kadai 
  6. Recipe Card 


What is Nasi Goreng

This popular Indonesian dish is traditionally made with rice, chicken, and shrimp, but our version is completely vegetarian. We've substituted the chicken for mushrooms and the shrimp for tofu, making it a great option for Vegans as well.

The key to a good Veg Nasi Goreng is in the seasoning. We use a combination of Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce), shrimp paste, and chili pepper to give it a unique flavor that you won't find in any other fried rice recipe.



Rice -The rice used should be long-grain rice (Basmati). You may also use jasmine rice or any other long-grain type of rice. When making fried rice, it's important to use overnight rice. Leaving the rice in the fridge overnight makes it way easier to cook your fried rice. Rice will separate better & won't be mushy. If you are using freshly cooked rice, place it on a baking tray and refrigerate for as long as you can before starting to cook the Nasi Goreng.

Sambal - Sambal is a chili sauce or paste. We make our own sambal when cooking Nasi Goreng. Using a mortar & pestle, we pound the big red chilis together with garlic & shallots until we have a paste. It can be made using a blender as well.

Tomato paste Traditionally, Nasi Goreng is cooked with shrimp paste which adds umami flavor & red color to the dish. Tomato paste does exactly that & keeps the meal vegetarian.

Kecap Manis So what is Kecap Manis and where can you find this ingredient? Kecap Manis is a sweet soy sauce. Thicker than normal soy sauce, almost like syrup, this ingredient gives the rice a lovely brown color & adds umami to the dish. You can find Kecap Manis in Asian supermarkets, major supermarkets, or online. If you want to make your own Kecap Manis, check The Daring Gourmet blog, which has a lovely recipe.

Soy sauce Our recipe for Indonesian Fried Rice contains regular soy sauce too. It adds saltiness to the dish.

Egg Our vegetarian Nasi Goreng is served with a fried egg on the top. The egg needs to be cooked on high heat so the outer part goes crispy and golden. You can choose to completely cook the yolk or leave it a little bit runny. To make Vegan Nasi Goreng, skip the egg & add some stir-fried or scrambled tofu.

White pepper (optional) We love spices & when making stir-fries, white pepper is always a must at home.

Spring onions and more chillis Our Nasi Goreng is cooked with some spring onions to add some green to the dish and some extra finely sliced chillies. We love spicy food!

For serving We serve our Veggie Nasi Goreng with fresh cucumber, tomatoes, crispy shallots, & some Sambal Oelek, for extra spiciness


How to cook Egg for Nasi Goreng

  1. This Veg Nasi Goreng recipe is a delicious and easy way to make Indonesian Fried Rice at home. The rice is cooked with veggies and spices, and then topped with a fried egg.
  2. You can cook the egg to your preference – with a runny yolk or fully cooked. Either way, this dish is sure to be a hit!
  3. This Indonesian Fried Rice is served with a fried egg on the top. The egg is cooked on high heat to make sure the sides get crispy while the yolk stays runny.
  4. You can as well fully cook the yolk. Turning the pan to a side & with a ladle or metal spatula keep adding the hot oil to the yolk until fully cooked.


How to Serve / Plate Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng is a delicious and easy to make meal that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When plating this dish, be sure to include a variety of side dishes and toppings that add flavor and texture. Serve nasi goreng with a fried egg, shrimp, veggies, and a dollop of chili sauce for a complete and satisfying meal. Enjoy!


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