Gulab Jamun

Let's continue the festive season with the festive vibes, by making our recipe that's second in line. We've brought the most foolproof gulab jamun recipe for you today. Yes, you heard me correctly, the most perfect and detailed gulab jamun recipe that you can make from your home.

What is Gulab Jamun?

Gulab jamun is a delicacy or sweet treat that has its roots in the Indian subcontinent. It is mostly formed of milk solids, traditionally from khoya, which is milk that has been reduced until it resembles soft dough. Instead of khoya, modern recipes substitute for dry or powdered milk. To improve flavour, it is frequently topped with dried nuts like almonds and cashews. 
Small balls of dough are formed and deep-fried in oil or ghee at a low temperature  till they acquire their well-known golden brown hue. After being fried, the balls are dipped into a light sugar syrup that has green cardamom, rosewater, kewra, or saffron as flavours. Vanilla ice cream or Kulfi are frequently served with warm gulab jamun.


Easy and authentic Gulab Jamun 

These are those recipes that should be made on any special occasion that comes across, and what better occasion than diwali, to whip out the chef in you and try out one of the most popular and loved indian desserts there ever was.


How to make Gulab Jamun

1. We are gonna start the recipe by making the chashni. For that add sugar and water into a stainless steel sauteuse and let it come to a boil. Let it boil till the sugar is dissolved. Gulab jamun image 1


2. Add cardamom pods, kesar strands and squeeze in some lemon juice. Once all the sugar is dissolved and the chashni is slightly thick but still quite watery, take it off the heat.  Gulab jamun image 2


3. To make the gulab jamun dough, use a flat metal parath. Add in crushed khoya to the utensil and start to cream it using the heel of your palm, little at a time. Cream the khoya making sure that not even the tiniest grains remain in the khoya.  Gulab jamun image 3


4. Set the khoya aside and add paneer to the dish. Cream the paneer similarly. Once the mixtures are creamed thoroughly, combine them into one dough and cream them some more, till they are thoroughly combined. This process should take around 12-15 minutes 
Gulab jamun image 4

5. Cover and rest of the dough for 20-25 minutes. Once the dough is well rested, divide it into equal portions, around 12-14 grams each. Roll the individual dough pieces into spherical balls, making sure the surface is smooth without any cracks.  
Gulab jamun image 5

6. Heat refined oil for frying. Keep the oil on low heat and create a whirlpool by rotating the oil with a small metal spoon. Add the dough balls one by one while continuously stirring so that they don't touch the button.  
Gulab jamun image 6

7. Keep on stirring till they puff up and start to float on the top. Once they are floating, roll them around using a Nylon slotted turner so that they fry evenly.  
Gulab jamun image 7

8. Once completely browned to your liking, strain them out of the oil and transfer them directly into the warm chashni dish. Stir them and submerge them occasionally, soak them for 25 - 30 minutes.
Gulab jamun image 8

9. Once completely saturated with the chashni, serve them hot into a platter of your choice and top them off with some slivered almonds.
Gulab jamun image 9


Expert Tips

  1. Make sure to use either caster or granulated sugar for the chashni. Do not use powdered sugar or the chashni would be cloudy.
  2. While rolling the gulab jamun, make sure to keep the prepared ones under a moist cloth.
  3. Make sure the chashni is warm but not hot when you transfer the gulab jamuns in.


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