Meyer Trivantage Stainless Steel Triply Cookware Kadai/Wok with Lid, 24cm

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Why buy the Meyer Trivantage Kadai/Wok with Lid, 24cm?
  • Tough and Durable Triply Construction: Enhance your cooking experience with our Kadai/Wok equipped with a tough and durable triply construction. Designed for longevity and optimal performance, this triply configuration offers even heat distribution and dependable results. Meyer Trivantage stainless steel range withstands the demands of daily cooking, while the aluminum core encased within non-toxic stainless steel layers ensures precise and flawless cooking each time.
  • Zero Nickel Release: Our cookware is exclusively crafted from 100% safe, non-toxic food-grade stainless steel, ensuring that “no nickel” will leach into your food. This Kadai/Wok provides exceptional resistance against pitting, ensuring longevity and safety while cooking..
  • Versatile Kadai/Wok: Unleash your culinary creativity with this versatile cookware. Its spacious and curved design makes it perfect for various cooking styles. From stir-frying vegetables to simmering flavorful curries, this kadai/wok adapts to your cooking needs with ease.
  • Shatter-Resistant Tempered Glass Lid: Seal in the flavors and nutrients of your dishes with the shatter-resistant tempered glass lid. It locks in heat and moisture, allowing your meals to stay moist and delicious. Monitor your cooking progress while keeping the steam sealed for tender and flavorful results.
  • Stay Cool Handles: Ensure safe and comfortable handling during cooking with the Kadai/Wok's riveted 'stay cool' handles. The comfortable silicone grip provides a secure hold, making it easy to maneuver the cookware without any worries of accidental burns.
  • Compatible with All Cooktops: Experience hassle-free cooking with this Kadai/Wok. It is compatible with gas, electric, and induction cooktops, offering versatility and convenience for all types of kitchens.

    Product Code

    Country of Origin

    Stainless Steel with Tri-ply construction

    10 years from date of purchase

    Product Dimensions
    Diameter: 24cm
    Length (handle to handle) : 36.60 cm
    Overall Product Height: 14.83 cm
    Internal Height: 7.00 cm
    Weight (Kilograms): 1.5
    Capacity (Volume): 2.46 L

    Dishwasher Safe : Yes

    Suitable Cooktops
    Gas,Electric & Induction


    Item Shape

    Common/Generic Name
    Meyer Trivantage Stainless Steel Triply Cookware Kadai/Wok with Lid, 24cm

    Seller/Importer Name
    Meyer Housewares India Private Limited
    Add: 30, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar-3, New Delhi- 110024

    Package Contents
    1N Kadai/Wok, 1N Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass Lid, Use and Care Instructions, Warranty card


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    10 Year Warranty

    This certifies that your Stainless Steel product is warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship under normal household use for 10 years. The warranty does not cover damage from abuse, commercial use, neglect, abnormal wear or tear, overheating, or any use not in accordance with the cookware instructions provided with the product.


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Step into the world of culinary innovation with the Meyer Trivantage Stainless Steel Kadai/Wok, featuring a robust triply construction. Crafted with three layers of ultra-responsive aluminum between two layers of durable, food-grade stainless steel, this Kadai/Wok ensures rapid and consistent heating throughout your cooking journey. Embrace the assurance of even heat distribution, bidding farewell to bothersome hot spots and unpredictable cooking outcomes. Elevate your culinary experience with the reliability and durability of triply construction.

Durable Stainless Steel: A Cookware That Lasts.

Invest in cookware that stands the test of time. Our Kadai/Wok is crafted with high-grade stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. Its superior pitting resistance guarantees a cooking surface that remains free from harmful substances. Cook with confidence, knowing that your food remains pure and untainted, making each culinary creation a delight.

Versatile Kadai/Wok: Unleash Your Culinary Creativity.

Explore the versatility of the Meyer Trivantage Kadai/Wok. Its spacious and curved design makes it perfect for various cooking styles. Whether you're stir-frying vegetables, simmering flavorful curries, or preparing mouthwatering one-pot meals, this kadai/wok excels in performance and adapts to your culinary needs with ease.

Shatter-Resistant Tempered Glass Lid: A Lock to Seal in Flavors.

Retain the essence of your dishes with the shatter-resistant tempered glass lid. Locking in heat and moisture, this lid ensures your meals stay moist and full of flavors. Watch your culinary masterpieces come to life while keeping the steam sealed for deliciously tender results.

Meyer Trivantage Stainless Steel Triply Cookware Kadai/Wok With Lid, 24cm

If you are looking for reliable and efficient cookware, consider getting a triply steel kadai. It offers many benefits like durability, non-toxicity, versatility, and easy cleaning. The 3-ply construction enhances its performance, making triply steel kadai exceptional for all your cooking needs.


What are the key points that make Meyer Trivantage Stainless Steel Triply Kadai a fab choice?

Triply steel kadai is made up of three layers, where each layer has its own benefits. In the center, there is an aluminum layer for even and fast heating. On one side of the aluminum layer, there are two layers of safe and non-toxic stainless steel for food contact. On the other side, there is magnetic stainless steel that is compatible with induction. This Triply steel kadai is entirely free from toxins or harmful substances.

Triply steel kadai is made of stainless steel that does not contain any nickel, ensuring that no harmful chemicals will contaminate your food. Triply steel kadai cooks food faster than regular stainless steel cookware, which saves time and fuel in the kitchen. The aluminum core ensures that heat is distributed evenly, preventing any hot spots that may cause uneven cooking.

Triply steel kadai is more durable and longer-lasting than ordinary cookware because it has superior resistance to pitting. Triply steel kadai handles have permanent rivets and silicon covering which ensure that they stay cool during cooking. The Triply steel kadai has a mirror polished finish on the exterior giving it an elegant look, while the interior has an emery finish.

This Triply steel kadai can be used on any type of cooktop, including induction, and can be used in the oven at temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius or Gas Mark 4. Triply steel kadai is safe to clean in the dishwasher and can withstand the use of metal utensils without causing damage to the surface.

Triply steel kadai is backed by a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind. It guarantees that the Triply steel kadai is free of any defects in materials or workmanship during normal household use. Triply steel kadai is a safe, efficient, and long-lasting choice for all your cooking requirements.


Why is Triply steel kadai a favoured choice?

Triply steel kadai is a favored choice among both home cooks and professional chefs due to its durability, non-toxic qualities, and versatility. Triply steel kadai is ideal for a range of cooking methods and recipes, making it an excellent option.

Triply steel kadai is a great choice because it is very long-lasting and won't get easily scratched, stained, or rusted easily. Triply steel kadai can handle high temperatures without getting warped or reacting with acidic or alkaline foods, which is important for cooking safely.

Triply steel kadai is a safe option for cooking as it is non-toxic and doesn't contain PTFE or PFOA. But with Triply steel kadai, you can be confident that your food is safe to eat.

It is quite easy to clean Triply steel kadai. Typically, you can wash Triply steel kadai with hot soapy water. In case of stubborn residue, scrubbing with steel wool should do the trick. This means that it requires very little effort to keep the triply steel kadai clean, which is especially advantageous for novice cooks or those who share their living space.

For stainless steel cookware, it's best to go for Triply steel kadai. This means there are three layers: stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel again. The aluminum layer helps the Triply steel kadai heat up and cook evenly. Plus, it won't seep into your food because it's sealed between the stainless steel layers. Additionally, the special construction makes the Triply steel kadai more durable, easier to clean, and dishwasher safe.