Asian Aloo Chaat

Asian aloo chaat can be called one of the easiest but quirky items that you can make. With fried potatoes tossed in the oriental flavours, with some chopped vegetables, it is a variation derived from indo-chinese cuisine.


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What is Asian Aloo Chaat ?

​​Asian aloo chaat is simply fried potatoes, tossed into some vegetables and an oriental sauce made with Indo-Chinese flavours. The recipe is similar to other recipes from the same cuisine, like chilli chicken and chilli paneer. The differentiating factor that makes it a chaat instead of a full fledged dish is the raw vegetables. A chaat has some crispy fried element in it, with some finely chopped raw vegetables and all of it comes together with a chutney, in this case a sauce.


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Quick and Easy Asian Aloo Chaat

Asian aloo chaat is not the usual recipe you see. It's a quirky twist on the classic fried potatoes and once in a while one should try new and different things. A recipe this simple wouldn't be that much of a hectic assignment if you decide to give it a try.  


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    How to make Asian Aloo Chaat ?

    1) In a Stir Pan, heat some oil for frying. Once the oil is hot, add chopped boiled potatoes to it and deep fry them till they are nice and crispy.
    Asian Aloo Chaat

    2) In a separate nonstick pan, add some oil and saute the chopped ginger and garlic into it.
    Asian Aloo Chaat

    3) Add soy sauce and sesame oil to the garlic and ginger and incorporate them. To this add some basil leaves and sriracha also.
    Asian Aloo Chaat

    4) Thin the sauce out with water and season it to taste with salt and pepper.
    Asian Aloo Chaat

    5) Mix the cornflour and water into a separate bowl and form a slurry out of it. Add the slurry to the sauce while constantly mixing it to thicken the sauce.
    Asian Aloo Chaat

    6) In a large bowl, take your fried potatoes. Over them add chopped onions and bell peppers for the chaat.
    Asian Aloo Chaat

    7) Pour your sauce over the potato mix and toss it together to make a chaat. Serve it hot on a platter, garnished with some sesame seeds.
    Asian Aloo Chaat


    Expert Tips

    1) Do not fry the potatoes without boiling, as it helps to make them fluffy.

    2) The thickness of your sauce depends on the amount of cornflour you add to the sauce.

    3) The size and the kind of vegetables can be changed depending on your preference.

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