Bread and Dahi Kebab

A super starter for parties and a fun little way to incorporate more vegetables in your family’s diet, ready in under 15 mins, it is the perfect crowd pleaser.

When you kids are fussing over flavour and when you have to impress your guests with some awesome treats, think no more and resort to this remarkable dish. A super starter for parties and a fun little way to incorporate more vegetables in your family’s diet, ready in under 15 mins, it is the perfect crowd pleaser. Dahi ke Kebab, with crunchy crust outside and flavorful creamy yoghurt filling inside, is an irresistible snack. An excellent choice of appetisers for vegetarians and even for people who like to eat meat, this one is one wondrous and must-try recipe.  


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Dahi Kebab has made its way to the heart of every food lover, especially vegetarians, owing to its tantalising flavour. It’s easy to make, a flavor bomb that has a crunchy crust with savory creamy filling on the inside. Though kebabs came to India from the middle eastern region, Dahi Kebab found its roots in Northern India. This is claimed to be developed by the culinary geniusness of the Awadh chefs, who made a simple combination of hung curd, spices and some herbs enclosed in a scrumptious crunchy.
This versatile delicacy can be prepared in numerous ways. You can use gram flour/corn flour/ rice flour/ to bind and hold the filling. We have tried this recipe with the regular bread slices, and they have worked better than we had imagined. One can also use paneer, cheese, peas, cashews, corn, or fried onions with hung curd as a part of the filling. In addition, it has different versions- shallow fried, deep fried and at times air fried- to hook all distinguished taste buds. As one can easily play with spices, aromatics, fillings, and texture, this is a very popular item on the menu of almost every party.

What type of Dahi is used for Kebab?

Hung Curd is used for dahi ke kebab,which is Greek yogurt Indian version. Dahi or curd is nothing new to Indian households, we have so many varieties of items that can be made from Dahi like lassi, raita, chutney, mishit doi, etc. It’s a long list out there and one of the variants of dahi which is made after draining the water/whey out from curd is called hung curd. Hung curd is easy to make but takes time to get the perfect rich and creamy texture. You need a muslin cloth, curd and a bowl. Spread the muslin cloth, pour dahi on it, tie a knot and hang it till water/whey is completely drained out. It may take 5-6 hours before you get that excellent low-fat substitute for cream and mayonnaise.

What can be made from hung curd apart from Kebab?

  1. Hung Curds Dips and Spreads
  2. Shrikhand, sweet India
  3. Hung Curd in Sandwiches instead of mayo or cheese.
  4. Salad Dressing.
  5. Used as an alternative cream in a cereal bowl.


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How to make Dahi Kebab?

1) In a glass mixing bowl, take the hung curd and add the green pea puree to it along with chopped ginger, chilli, onion, coriander, salt, and pepper. Thoroughly mix them to make a thick filling.Dahi Kebab

2) Cut the corners off the bread slices and roll them flat using a rolling pin so that they are easily flexible.

Dahi Ke sholay

3) Place a dollop of the stuffing in the middle of the bread and fold the bread on top of itself making a triangle and seal the edges with drops of water
Dahi Kebab

4) Deep fry the stuffed bread in Meyer Kadai until golden and crispy and serve hot with ketchup.
Dahi Kebab


Expert Tips

  1. Ensure that you are using fresh dahi.
  2. Ensure that the muslin cloth you are using is clean and does not smell of any other food item or it is not a coloured one.
  3. We have used bread slices in this recipe, you may use besan or try any other flour. Seasoning of the hung curd is the key; you can add spices of your own choice.

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