fast snacks

Bread and Dahi Kebab

A super starter for parties and a fun little way to incorporate more vegetables in your family’s diet, ready in under 15 mins, its a proper crowd pleaser.

Szechwan Potato Pops

A fun little twist to the regular potato tikki or cutlet served in a way that its easy to handle and eat.

Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry

This is a classic oriental dish with a slight tweak to make it everyone’s favourite. A simple recipe that easily be rustled up in 10 minutes and includes just a quick stir fry!

Eggplant Parmigiana

Presenting eggplant in a totally different avatar. The commonly used vegetable gets a delectable rendition, whereby it is first fried and then baked. Method 1) Slice the eggplants into 1cm thick disks and sprinkle salt; leave for 20 minutes so...

Amritsari Fish and Chips

A dish that originated in Britain consisting of batter fried fish served with a side of hand cut fries gets a desi avatar. The batter is replaced with Amritsari fish rendering it super spicy and tangy and is served with a...

Dal Chawal Arancini

A fun little way to present the left over dal and rice in the form of a classic Italian dish.

Beetroot And Sesame Tikki

A small bright red patties with a crispy poppy seed crust and a cheesy centre. Perfect for any special occasion.

Vegetable Tempura

A quick, healthy and flavourful snack packed with the goodness of vegetables and super easy to make.

Chickpea and Sesame Burger

A protein rich healthy burger to curb the fast food cravings without all the additives and sugars and artificial flavourings, also a nice change from the regular potato patties.

Chicken Hot Basil

A Thai staple made with chicken mince and strong flavours of soy and ginger with basil and fiery hot chilli peppers. Fit for the Indian palate.

Sesame And Poppy Seed Seekh Kebabs

A stove top version of the ever famous kebab with a crispy crust generally made in a clay oven or tandoor but made without meat, onion or garlic.

Lentil And Cheese Corn Dogs

A classic American snack made with Indian ingredients and spices that will definitely be the favourite finger food of your next party. Method 1) Boil the black lentils and drain all the water. 2) Blend the lentils into a coarse-textured powder/paste. 3)...

Spinach And Corn Steaks With Garlic And Tomato Chutney

A classic combination of palak and makai (corn) served in a bite-sized steak form and garnished with a tangy tomato chutney. Adding a dash of innovativeness to your favourite flavours with this easy to cook, simple to serve and delicious...

Grilled Fruit Skewers

A quick  and tasty snack that is ready under 10 minutes for a light bite in between meals.

Asian Aloo Chaat

The classic aloo chaat gets an Asian twist while retaining all the classic flavours like sweet, spicy and tangy. The only difference is that the flavours are derived from Asian ingredients.

Palak Paneer Canapés

A bite-sized canapé with smoky garlic flavoured spinach and creamy cottage cheese, bringing back all the familiar flavour of palak paneer wrapped up in a single bite.

Lemongrass Dal Vada

South Indian food works excellently well with typical south-east Asian ingredients as their food is sort of similar and hence this classic South-Indian dish gets a fresh twist with the addition of lemongrass and served with a red curry dip. ...

Smoked Corn Kebabs

A pleasant change from the regular aloo ticks as a quick snack that can be whipped up in under 20 mins and the smokiness gives it a nice depth of flavour.

Baklava Samosa Cigars

Here's enticing your palate with Baklava, a Middle Eastern treat comprising of phylla pastry along with assorted exotic nuts in a thick caramel/honey-based sauce. Demanding a slightly intricate process that bears great result, this is the perfect dish for every...

Akuri Samosa

Akuri is a typical Parsi egg dish that comprises of lightly scrambled eggs with flavours of coriander and turmeric. In this recipe, the eggs are stuffed in the flaky samosa pastry making it one quick and delicious snack.

Green Pea And Mint Samosa

A no onion no garlic samosa twist for people who prefer their food that way, and the combination of green peas and mint is a match made in heaven.

Loaded Rajma Patties

A quick snack to make use of that leftover rajma. Taking a slight innovative route with this rajma recipe and serve it like never before, with a crispy crust and a gooey melty cheese centre.

Sticky Shitake Stir-Fry

A perfect option for people trying to cut down on their non-veg intake or are looking for vegetarian alternatives to Asian dishes. Mushrooms, specially shitake, have a nice meaty texture which makes it a perfect pick for this stir fry.

Black Bean String Beans

A classic Chinese dish that is fully compatible with the Indian palate and the crunchy beans give this recipe a delectable texture.

Potato Scotch Eggs

A classic British favourite gets a desi twist to it. The soft egg with a crispy bhujia coating makes it the perfect afternoon tea time snack.

Scallion Pancake

A classic Chinese street food very similar to the Indian parantha and a must try for everyone looking for a little twist on the age-old breakfast classic.

Cheesy Okra Tempura

A tea time classic with a twist, take your typical evening pakodas to a whole new level.

Potato 65

A quintessential south Indian dish that is famous all over the country for its spicy and tangy flavour. Just a vegetarian version of this classic dish.

Hummus Two Ways

A Mediterranean dip/spread made out of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. Always a hit at game days.

Banana Maple French Toast

A sweet fruity twist to the global breakfast staple scented with cinnamon sugar for the sweet tooth satisfaction. Read more..

Beans Poriyal

To save you from all hungry moments and protect you from greasy food, we bring you this all-day quick and healthy snack. The freshness of beans combined with the velvetiness of coconut makes it a cracker of a dish for...
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