One Pot Mac and Cheese

One pot pasta is not a specific dish in itself but a way in which pasta can be cooked. In this method the accompaniments of the past like vegetables or chicken are added to the pan first and sauteed by themselves. Once the vegetables are sauteed, dry pasta is added with a liquid to cook the pasta, generally milk. This way the pasta is cooked along with the vegetables and finished in the end with some cheese and dried herbs and spices.

One Pot Mac and Cheese is made with vegetables sauteed in a pan with dry pasta added to it and cooked with milk, fresh cream and cheese.


One pot pasta is the perfect recipe if you feel that you don't have enough time on your hands or you do not have the energy to cook the pasta and sauce separately. It's a quick hack that lets you enjoy the similar taste with minimal effort.

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Tips and tricks to make best One Pot Mac and Cheese

Follow these tips and tricks to make the best one pot mac and cheese that everyone will love!

  1. Make sure to saute the vegetables thoroughly before adding the water to the pan as the water won't allow vegetables to brown any further.
  2. Cook the pasta partially with the water otherwise it would cook some more while the milk reduces, and will eventually get overcooked in the process.
  3. The amount of cheese added in the pasta would ensure appropriate salt levels in the dish; if you feel like adding salt, do so after tasting.


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