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Chilli Paneer

We have another vegetarian version of the popular chilli chicken. This, too, is quite famous and there's a good chance that you already love it. A crispy paneer, inside a spicy and sticky sauce, and all of this is prepared in just 15 minutes, how amazing is that? Try out this recipe and let us know.


Table of Content

  1. What is Chilli Paneer ?
  2. Quick and Easy Chilli Paneer
  3. How to make Chilli Paneer?
  4. Expert Tips
  5. Recipe Card  


What is Chilli Paneer ?

​​Chilli paneer is an Indian version of the chilli chicken. It's a dish from the Indo-Chinese book of Hakka Chinese heritage. Just like chilli chicken, the chilli paneer also comes in variations of dry and gravy variants. Chilli paneer in gravy can also work as a good main course item when eaten with rice.


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Quick and Easy Chilli Paneer

We all know chilli paneer, we all love chilli paneer, veg or non-veg alike. It's one of those snacks that can give the goodness and satisfaction of chilli chicken to all the vegetarians and even work as a quick snack for the non-vegetarians out there. The preparation time being so less, it is recommended to the nonvegetarian crowd as well, if you want a quick fix for your chilli chicken in just 15 minutes. 


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    How to make Chilli Paneer ?

    1) In a large bowl, add all your paneer cubes. Add salt & pepper to it, followed by honey, baking powder and all the sauces with chopped ginger and garlic. Mix all together.

    Chilli Paneer

    2) Add cornflour and refined flour to the bowl with some water and mix all together to form a thick batter. Set this aside.
    Chilli Paneer

    3) In a stainless steel kadai, heat some oil for frying. Fry your paneer pieces in small batches of 5-6 pieces.
    Chilli Paneer

    4) Once all the paneer is fried, prepare your sauce in a nonstick saute pan by adding oil to the pan and sauteing chopped ginger, garlic and onions with some chilli.
    Chilli Paneer

    5) To this add cornflour mixed with water to form a slurry. Mix it thoroughly and add all the sauces to the pan and incorporate.
    Chilli Paneer

    6) Toss in some cubed bell peppers and the fried paneer. Coat everything completely with the sauce and give it a few tosses.
    Chilli Paneer

    7) Serve them hot and optionally garnish with some sesame seeds or thin sliced spring onions.
    Chilli Paneer


    Expert Tips

    1. Toss the paneer in the marination gently so that they don't crumble.
    2. The thinner the batter is, the crispier it will be after frying.
    3. If you want a thinner sauce, you can reduce the cornstarch in the sauce.

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