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Microwave Baked Potato With Chunky Tomato Sauce

On a day when nothing is working, this is one recipe that will certainly work for you. Hearty, wholesome and wonderful, this microwave baked potato will wow your palate and impress your little one too. Have this as a filling side dish or simply pair it with your brew, you are going to relish every bit and every bite of it! This is a quick and easy recipe and that produces a perfectly fluffy potato every time!


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  1. What is Microwave Baked Potato With Chunky Tomato Sauce?
  2. Quick and Easy Microwave Baked Potato With Chunky Tomato Sauce
  3. How to make Microwave Baked Potato With Chunky Tomato Sauce?
  4. Expert Tips
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What is Microwave Baked Potato With Chunky Tomato Sauce?

​​The traditional method of making a baked potato involves baking them in the oven at a low temperature for upwards of an hour. But when you are super hungry, this is the last thing that excites you - waiting! This method of "baking" your potato in the microwave truly produces impeccable results, every time as they take a fraction of the time to cook in the oven! This recipe can be served with fillings, toppings or condiments such as butter, cheese, sour cream, gravy, baked beans, and even meat. Despite the popular misconception that potatoes are fattening, baked potatoes can be part of a healthy diet.


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Quick and Easy Microwave Baked Potato With Chunky Tomato Sauce

It's So Easy! You practically can't mess this up! For some real flavor, you can top with butter, sour cream, more cheese AND shredded or pulled hot BBQ chicken with a little salt & pepper to taste.  


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    How to make Microwave Baked Potato With Chunky Tomato Sauce?

    1) Wash the potatoes and pat dry them. Gently rub butter on the potatoes and poke them all over with a fork. Please remember puncturing the potato is necessary so that the steam can escape without the potato exploding. Always puncture a potato in multiple places before putting it in the microwave!

    2) Season the potatoes with salt and pepper, as per taste.

    3) Place in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes, then flip and then cook for another 2 minutes.

    4) Heat butter in a pan and add garlic to it. Then add onions and cook until golden brown.

    5) Add the tomatoes and tomato puree and cook it down till the consistency is like a sauce.

    6) Add the basil leaves, salt, and pepper.

    7) Finally, peel open the skin of the potatoes and garnish with the tomato sauce, sour cream, and chopped parsley.


    Expert Tips

    Please refer to the below mentioned baked potato toppings and combinations that can be used:

    1) Classic - Classics are classic for a reason. Standard toppings usually include butter, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and oftentimes, crumbled bacon and chives.

    2) Cheese - Of course some good old fashioned cheddar cheese is always good, but you can dabble with different cheeses as well! Gouda cheese is a personal favorite!

    3) Veggies - Load your potato with some sauteed veggies. A veggie spud is always filling and nutritious!

    4) Mexican - Add some pico de gallo, corn, and black beans. You can even throw in a little guacamole, salsa, or sour cream!

    3) Broccoli & Cheese - Top your potato with some tender steamed broccoli and ooey, gooey cheese sauce!

    3) BBQ Brisket - Toss some brisket in your favorite BBQ sauce and add a hefty mound right on top of your potato. I like to throw in some sauteed onions for good measure.

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