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Potato 65

Are you a vegetarian and wondered what the classic chicken 65 tastes like? What is about that simple fried chicken that everyone loves so much? Well today we’ve got a vegetarian recipe of the same. The recipe adapted from the classic is Potato 65 or Aloo 65, which replicates the exact flavour of the fried chicken but with potatoes so that everyone can enjoy it.

Table of Content

  1. What is Potato 65?
  2. Quick and Easy Potato 65
  3. How to make Potato 65?
  4. Expert Tips
  5. Recipe Card  


What is Potato 65?

​​Potato 65 isn't a classic dish in itself, but one of the variations used as a vegetarian version of the spicy Chicken 65. The potatoes are the right replacement as their starchy nature makes them the perfect item to get that crispy skin with the rice flour. Except for that, the insides remain moist and fluffy, giving the perfect mouth feel that a 65 recipe requires. The major flavour in this recipe comes from the red chillies powder that is added to the final tadka or can also be added to the flour marination.


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Quick and Easy Potato 65

This recipe is a solution for most of you who avoid or refrain from having chicken but would love to try out the chicken 65 (vegetarian version) and experience the simple but fabulous flavour profile of the south indian fried snack. The recipe is made with potatoes, hence it doesn't take much time to marinate and rest, making it a much quicker cook. Making Aloo 65 is simple and convenient; this is a recipe that can be enjoyed by everyone.  


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    How to make Potato 65?

    1) Start by boiling potato cubes in a milk pan. Cook them till a knife can pierce them without any resistance.

    Potato 65

    2) Coat the boiled potato cubes in cornflour, garlic powder and onion powder and fry them in a hot oil in a stainless steel kadai till they become nice and crispy.
    Potato 65

    3) In a stainless steel kadai, add ghee and saute some mustard seeds with green cardamom and slit green chillies.
    Potato 65

    4) Add the chopped onions, curry leaves and all the dry spices, toast them all. Deglaze the pan with buttermilk and reduce it to form a thick sauce.
    Potato 65

    5) Toss in the fried potatoes and coat them thoroughly with the sauce. Serve it hot on a platter.
    Potato 65


    Expert Tips

    1. Do not over boil the potatoes as they might disintegrate while frying.
    2. Fry them on high heat patiently as potatoes take time to crisp up.
    3. The butter milk should be reduced to the exact consistency to which you want the sauce.

    Recipe Card


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