Smashed Potatoes

Unravel the delectable flavour of one of the most loved street snacks from the Khao Gully of India. A classic masala toast with the goodness of soft and crispy potatoes with a hot and melting cheesy centre! This dish has so many different layers of flavour, but is cooked in just 20 minutes.


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What are Smashed Potatoes

​​Smashed potatoes are a flat and chunky potato dish with the skin of the potato on it. They are made using boil baby potatoes, smashing them on a tray using a flat spatula and then baking them in a hot oven till they toast up nicely and the edges get crispy golden brown. They work as a perfect potato snack in itself with a dip, but they can also work as a good appetiser, by topping them off with some pickled vegetables or spicy mayonnaise.


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Quick and Easy Smashed Potatoes

A potato recipe, that is baked, there can't be a reason for you to not like this recipe. Flavoured with a simple herb oil and cooked fully in an oven the recipe couldn't be simpler. This easy to make recipe gets ready in just over 20 minutes and can delight everyone as a full on fancy platter dish.


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    How to Make Smashed Potatoes ?

    1) Start by preheating your oven to 200 degree celsius. In a large bowl add boiled baby potatoes. Drizzle some oil over them, add the seasoning with the dried herbs and spices.

    smashed potatoes

    2) Toss and evenly coat the potatoes and transfer them to a non-stick tray. Smash each individual potato with a flat spatula.
    smashed potatoes

    3) Brush the smashed potatoes with the remaining herb oil in the bowl. Bake them in the preheated 200 degree oven for 15-18 mins or till golden brown.
    smashed potatoes

    4) Plate the hot and crispy potatoes and sprinkle some sea salt over them.
    smashed potatoes


    Expert Tips

    1. Saute the spices and onions completely before adding the tomatoes.
    2. The potatoes should only be mixed when the masala is completely cooked.
    3. When toasting the bread, make sure to toast the potato side on the butter first.

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