Hariyali Mutton

Hariyali mutton sounds like a healthy twist on your classic mutton curry. Can't say about the healthy factor, but it surely looks and plays a part. This quirky recipe is different from your usual mutton curry, but surely is an interesting take on it that would attract the eyes and the palate of anyone who sees it.


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What is Hariyali Mutton ?

​​Hariyali mutton is a mutton curry, cooked the classic Indian way, but with the addition of the hariyali flavour that many of us are familiar with. The most common thing we associate this flavouring with is the hara bhara kabab, which is a mixed vegetable kebab, consisting of only green leafy vegetables and ground lentils for binding. In this mutton curry recipe, we've infused the hariyali flavouring and colour through some green spinach leaves.


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Quick and Easy Hariyali Mutton

Wouldn't you love to try a mutton curry that also has the flavour of your vegetarian favourite hara bhara kebab? Well then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make this hariyali mutton today with this amazingly simple recipe and easily available ingredients.  


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    How to make Hariyali Mutton?

    1) Start boiling water in a ceramic sauteuse pan and season the water with salt. Into the boiling water, boil washed spinach for 2 minutes, strain it and then blend it into a paste.
    Hariyali Mutton

    2) In a clean ceramic sauteuse pan, add mustard oil and lightly fry whole spices into it. Add some sliced onions and chopped green chillies to it, followed by some finely chopped ginger and garlic.
    Hariyali Mutton

    3) After cooking the masala for a bit, add the washed mutton into the pan. Onto the mutton add all the dry spice powders and season with salt.
    Hariyali Mutton

    4) Deglaze the pan with water, mix it together into a curry. Cover and cook the mutton for 50 minutes.
    Hariyali Mutton

    5) After the mutton is cooked, add fresh tomato puree to the curry, mix it together and also add the green spinach paste prepared earlier.
    Hariyali Mutton

    6) Finish it off with some fresh cream and butter. Serve it hot in a bowl and drizzle some more fresh cream as garnish, with some rogan and ginger juliennes.
    Hariyali Mutton


    Expert Tips

    1) For better colour into the spinach, refresh them into chilled water, once they come out from boiling before you puree it.

    2) Cook the onions and tomatoes properly before adding the mutton and water.

    3) Saute the mutton till it has some browning before you add the water for better flavour..

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