Mutton Nihari

A popular Indian recipe that has garnered special recognition for its sumptuous flavour! The beautiful play of authentic spices and intricate process enhances the appeal of this dish. The home-made mutton nihari recipe is perfect to add a touch of extravaganza to any meal or occasion. Usually made with lamb or goat meat, this is a favourite recipe among non-vegetarians. Prepare this incredible recipe and impress your friends and family with your culinary acumen.

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Traditionally, the meat and bone (marrow) was cooked for hours at night and then tender cooked meat was served in the morning to the royals after their morning prayer. NIhari was considered as a classic non-vegetarian breakfast recipe for the working class that would keep them full for long. However, nowadays it is available throughout the day for everyone. This dish is usually cherished with khameeri roti, naan or phulka.

Quick and Easy Mutton Nihari
Originally, Mutton Dishes required 6–8 hours of cooking and preparation time. People used to regularly add leftovers to the next day’s pot to get extra flavour and texture. Many still claim to follow this ancient process of cooking mutton nihari. However, not everyone will have time to be so patient and try this old practice. But, if you use the right tender cuts of meat and know the right mix of spices, you can recreate the same magic in your kitchen too. This recipe is going to show you how such rich stew can be made with less amount of time.


Suggested cookware for the recipe 


    How to make Easy Mutton Nihari Recipe?

    1) Find a kadai suggested (Meyer Kadais) that can hold the intricate cooking process without spilling gravy. Choose a little large kadai for easy stirring.


    Mutton Nihari

    2) Pre-heat the kadai and pour 3 tbsp ghee to induce an authentic flavour, then add whole spices. The infusion of spices with the ghee will produce delectable aroma that will enhance the flavour of the recipe.

    Mutton Nihari

    3) Add the 2 sliced onions and sauté onions for about 10-12 mins or until they turn golden brown (but not burnt) for it to disintegrate easily in the recipe and be hardly visible when the dish is done. The properly browned (golden) onion will thicken the dish, making it extra delicious.

    Mutton Marination

    4) Add ½ a cup ginger and garlic paste, 3-4 slit green chillies and 750 grams washed mutton. The ginger and garlic paste will add earthy flavour, which is quite unique to Indian cuisine, to the dish
    Mutton Nihari Preparations
    5) Add mutton to the kadai and roast it for 2-3 mins. Then, add in the powdered masalas, 2 tsp turmeric, 2 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp coriander powder, and salt to taste.


    Preparations of Mutton Nihari
    6) Cover with water and cook for 50 mins on low heat or until the meat is not tender. This will also bring out the flavour of each of the ingredients and will also allow the mutton to completely soak in the flavour.

    Mutton Nihari

    7) Remove the mutton pieces using tongs and strain the gravy to use later. This is an important process that forms the thickness of the gravy.

    8) Take another Kadai, heat some ghee and roast the besan/gram flour in it. Add the strained gravy in the kadai with roasted besan and mix them well. Once the gravy is thick, add the mutton pieces back

    Mutton Nihari

    9) Finish the nihari with Kewra water and 1 tbsp garam masala. Garnish with sliced chillies, ginger juliennes and chilli oil and serve with naan.
    Expert Tips
    1. You can also use nihari masala that is available in the market.
    2. Garnishing is the key, use ginger julienne, green chillies, coriander leaves, lemon.
    3. Good quality mutton pieces, preferably from the shank will enhance the overall flavour. You can use marrow to create awesomely rich gravy.


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