Chicken Korma - A Flavorful Delight

Indulge in the aromatic world of Chicken Korma, a classic Indian dish known for its rich, creamy sauce and tender chicken. Discover the magic of this flavorful masterpiece.

What is Chicken Korma?

Chicken Korma is a traditional Indian curry celebrated for its luxurious blend of spices and creamy texture. It features tender chicken pieces immersed in a rich, nutty gravy, often garnished with aromatic herbs and saffron.



Main Ingredient of Chicken Korma:

The star ingredient of Chicken Korma is boneless chicken pieces, which are marinated and cooked to perfection. The creamy sauce is enhanced with a medley of spices, including cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, along with ground nuts and yogurt.


What Is So Special About Chicken Korma?

Chicken Korma is celebrated for its harmonious blend of flavors. The dish marries the warmth of spices with the creaminess of the sauce, creating a symphony of taste and texture. It's a perfect example of the richness and diversity found in Indian cuisine.


Quick and Easy Chicken Korma:

Our quick and easy Chicken Korma recipe brings the flavors of this iconic dish to your table with minimal effort. Experience the magic of this beloved Indian classic without spending hours in the kitchen.


How to make Chicken Korma

  1. Let's start by making the fried onion paste. For this, cut 4 large onions into thin slices and then deep fry them until golden brown. 
  2. Blend the fried onions together until a fine paste is formed and keep aside.
  3. Now let's marinate the chicken. For this add 2 tablespoons of curd in a bowl along with 2 tablespoons of korma masala and 2 tablespoons of ghee. Mix all of these together and mix well with the chicken.
  4. Let the chicken marinate for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Now heat some ghee in the Meyer Select kadhai and start by adding all the whole spices and roasting them for 30-60 seconds. 
  6. Then add the ginger and garlic paste to the spices and let it sautee for 1 minute.
  7. Now add the marinated chicken to the kadhai and cook for 10-12 minutes or until the chicken is 50% cooked and starts to get a good color on the outside.
  8. While the chicken is cooking, mix together the remaining curd along with the red chili powder and the remaining korma masala.
  9. Add the curd mixture to the chicken and mix well. Allow this to cook for 10 minutes or until the curd starts to release oil.
  10. Now add the onion paste and mix well. Reduce the heat to low and add 2 cups of water to the curry.
  11. Allow the curry to simmer covered for an additional 10 minutes.
  12. Finally serve the chicken korma, garnish it with some sliced onions and coriander.


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Expert Tips

  1. We recommend marinating the chicken for at least 30 minutes or preferably 6 hours to get that additional level of flavor throughout the chicken.
  2. The onion paste gives body to curry and gives it a caramelized taste that completes the curry so don't skip it.
  3. Make sure to cook the curry well, undercooking the curry can lead to the curry having a grainy mouthfeel.

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