Milk Seviyan

An Eid special dessert that is ready in minutes and perfect to finish off any meal on a warm note. It’s fragrant, comforting and above all highly enjoyable. Ready in just under 20 minutes, this dessert is perfect when in a rush.


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  1. What is Milk Seviyan ?
  2. Quick and Easy Milk Seviyan
  3. How to make Milk Seviyan ? 
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What is Milk Seviyan ?

​​Seviyan or Vermicelli is a kind of long strand pasta. In Indian cuisine vermicelli is cut into 2 inch strands and is eaten as a variety of dishes, like kheer and upma. Upma is a savoury dish made with chopped carrots and other vegetables cooked with seviyan in just the right amount of water. Milk seviyan is the simplest sweet dish which is made just by cooking seviyan in milk with some sugar and whole spices.


Quick and Easy Milk Seviyan

​​Milk seviyan is one of the simplest desserts you'll ever come across. The ingredients used are easily available everywhere; it gets ready in under 20 minutes and everything is prepared inside just 1 large stockpot.


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    How to make Milk Seviyan?

    1) Into a hot stock-pot, add some desi ghee, and into the melted ghee add a cup of whole wheat seviyan. Keep on roasting till it turns golden brown in colour

    Milk Seviyan

    2) Pour in some full cream milk into the pot and keep on stirring. Add in a cinnamon stick, green cardamom, granulated sugar and nutmeg powder.
    Milk Seviyan

    3) Keep the milk on the heat and reduce it till the whole mixture is slightly thick.
    Milk Seviyan

    4) Pour the seviyan into a small bowl or a glass and top it off with some chopped almonds and pistachio.
    Milk Seviyan


    Expert Tips

    1) Do not roast the seviyan too much or it will have a burnt aftertaste.

    2) Make sure to use full cream milk as you want something to thicken up well.

    3) The thickness depends on you. You can make it thicker if you like.

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