Baklava Samosa Cigars

Here's enticing your palate with Baklava, a Middle Eastern treat comprising of phylla pastry along with assorted exotic nuts in a thick caramel/honey-based sauce. Demanding a slightly intricate process that bears great result, this is the perfect dish for every occasion!

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  2. 14 Different types of baklava samosa cigars
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What are Baklava Samosa Cigars?

  1. Perfect dessert for your next party, a quick & easy fix for your baklava crave! Crunchy, buttery layers of phyllo dough stuffed with spiced nuts & drizzled with simple syrup, this tastes as good as it looks. 
  2. Fun Fact: Did you know that this is one of the most popular Middle eastern desserts?
  3. Baklava Samosa Cigar comes in a variety of shapes & fillings. Rolls is one of the most common forms and usually filled with nuts and drizzled with some syrup or honey.

14 Different types of baklava samosa cigars : Lets know them before we start to cook!


Baklava is an ancient food that originated in the Middle East, but now many baklava adapts are available worldwide!

The sweet, crispy baklava we know & love comes in a variety of different flavors in every part of the world. Some differ because they are made with different nuts and seeds like pistachios or walnuts, while others have unique and exotic recipes such as Sütlü Nuriye, in which milk is mixed with syrup & added to the filo dough after it’s baked completely. Naming the different types of Baklava we know :

1) Pistachio Baklava - One bite of grounded pistachio in 40 thin layers of dough (phyllo) will have you hooked!

2) Walnut Baklava - This earthy and tangy type of baklava is one of the most popular baklava types in the world and equally delicious.

3) Dry Baklava (Kuru Baklava) - If you’re planning to take some baklava to somebody's home as a gift, then dry baklava should be your choice, without any doubt!

4) Homemade Baklava - This type of homestyle diamond shaped baklava is made with less and thicker filo sheets.

5) Şöbiyet (Cream Baklava, Shaabiyat or Warbat)- The fresh cream used between the layers of baklava gives it a light, refreshing taste and the custard in the middle gives it an Arabic dessert feel.

6) Chocolate Baklava - Especially found in Turkish tourist areas; if you are not fond of excessive sugar and chocolate content you may not like this one.

7) Havuç Dilim Baklava (Carrot Slice Baklava) - A carrot sliced delectable sandwich which has a filling of both walnuts and pistachio.

8) Bülbül Yuvası (Nightingale Nest) - Bülbül yuvası, is translated as “Nightingale’s nest,” therefore its name resembles a bird’s nest.

9) Sütlü Nuriye - It is baked with hazelnuts instead of pistachios & soaked in milk so that it will weigh more than usual baklava.

10) Fıstık Dolama (Pistachio Wrap) - Finely chopped pistachios are wrapped in an extremely thin & transparent filo dough & thereafter soaked in sugar syrup.Its shiny green color makes it quite appealing, & it is as delicious as it looks on plate.

11) Yaprak Şöbiyet (Leaf Şöbiyet) - Some flavors work really well with the baklava filling, but pistachio & clotted cream are divine.

12) Saray Burması (Palace Baklava) - It is baked with filo dough, melted butter, crushed walnuts, & sugar sherbet.

13) Dilber Dudağı (Lady Lips) - The name of this is a nod to its alluring shape that looks like a lady's lips. However, unlike the lips, this dessert is as crispy as you think of crispy.

14) Midye Baklava (Mussle Baklava) - The appealing and exotic look of mussle baklava encourages many restaurant owners to include this in their menu cards. Inevitably, the scrumptious taste & crispy texture will tempt you to overeat.


    1. Refined flour - to make thin phyllo sheets
    2. Refined oil - for greasing the sheets
    3. Water - to knit the dough 
    4. Unsalted butter - to roast the nuts

    For Filling 

    1. Almonds 
    2. Pistachio 
    3. Dates 
    4. Black raisins 
    5. Condensed milk 
    6. Honey 

    Suggested cookware for the recipe 


    Step by step guide to make baklava samosa cigars

    1) For the dough, in a bowl take the refined flour.

    Baklava Samosa Cigars


    2) Add salt, refined oil and ice cold water to the flour and make a hard/tight dough.

    Samosa patti


    3) Let the dough rest for at least 25 mins.


    4) In a pan, melt butter and add all the chopped nuts to it and lightly roast until toasty and brown.

    Samosa rceipe


    5) Add raisins along with the nuts.

    Baklava recipe


    6) Spoon in the condensed milk and coat the nuts and take them off the heat.


    7) Mix the nuts mixture with honey.


    8) Roll out the dough into thin sheets, and cut into rectangles.


    9) Place a spoonful of filling on the pastry and roll it into a cigar shape, tucking in the sides and sealing it.

    Baklava rolls


    10) Deep fry at a low temperature for a crispy and flaky crust.

    Baked  Samosa

    11) Serve warm as a sweet or mithai.



    Expert Tip : 

    Feel free to experiment with your favourite ingredients for the filling. Don’t feel like you have to stick with the same one over & over again. Mix it up a little bit! 

    You might find something new or even one of your favourite baklava types out there waiting for you to try  and experience the fun. 


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