Baklava Samosa Cigars

Here's enticing your palate with Baklava, a Middle Eastern treat comprising of phylla pastry along with assorted exotic nuts in a thick caramel/honey-based sauce. Demanding a slightly intricate process that bears great result, this is the perfect dish for every occasion!

Chase the flavors

Serves 2-3

Prep time 15 Minutes

Cooking time 15 Minutes


Refined flour - 2 cups

Refined oil - 2 tbsp

Butter - 50 gms

Almonds - 50 gms

Pistachios - 50 gms

Dates - 50 gms

Black raisins - 30 gms

Condensed milk - 1 tbsp

Honey - 1 tbsp


1) For the dough, in a bowl take the refined flour.

2) Add salt, refined oil and ice cold water to the flour and make a hard/tight dough.

3) Let the dough rest for at least 25 mins.

4) In a pan, melt butter and add all the chopped nuts to it and lightly roast till toasty and brown.

5) Add raisins along with the nuts.

6) Spoon in the condensed milk and coat the nuts and take them off the heat.

7) Mix the nuts mixture with honey.

8) Roll out the dough into thin sheets, and cut into rectangles.

9) Place a spoonful of filling on the pastry and roll it into a cigar shape, tucking in the sides and sealing it.

10) Deep fry at a low temperature for a crispy and flaky crust.

11) Serve warm as a sweet or mithai.

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