Street Style Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a staple breakfast for many, not only in Maharashtra, but many other parts of the country. This recipe here helps you eliminate the hassle of standing in line in this hot weather, waiting for your plate of pav bhaji, by giving you an amazing and delicious pav bhaji recipe that tastes just like the street version but you can easily prepare it in the comfort of your home.


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  1. What is Pav Bhaji?
  2. Quick and Easy Street style Pav Bhaji
  3. How to make Pav Bhaji? 
  4. Expert Tips 
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What is Pav Bhaji?

​​Pav bhaji is basically a thick vegetable curry with slightly mashed vegetables. It's a spicy and buttery dish that originated in Maharashtra. The flavourful mash was created for the textile mill workers as their lunch time meal, but slowly and steadily it translated into a famous taste that is loved by everyone. Pav bhaji is now served at every street food stall as well as in formal fine dine restaurants.


Quick and Easy Street Style Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a people's favourite breakfast item, which is not necessarily eaten just for breakfast anymore. It is one of those things that you should definitely try and make at home because the result might not just be similar to the street verizon, but even better (and healthier) than that. This recipe will help you achieve that taste and flavour that you want from your pav bhaji. 


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Suggested cookware for the recipe 


    How to make Pav Bhaji?

    1) Start by heating a pot of water in a Meyer Saucepan. To that, add the dried chilies and ginger garlic paste and let that cook till the chillies are cooked to a soft texture, and blend them into a paste.

    Street style Pav Bhaji

    2) Into a large Meyer Stainless Steel Saute Pan, add a cube of butter on a medium heat. To the butter, add your chopped bell peppers and grated cauliflower and sweat them for 1-2 minutes.
    Pav Bhaji

    3) Make a well between the vegetables and deglaze the pan with some ginger garlic paste. Following this add in some red chilli paste and chopped tomatoes, and stir it all to incorporate
    Home made pav bhaji

    4) To the cooking tomatoes, add the red chilli powder, coriander powder and the pav bhaji masala. Stir them all together and season with salt to taste.
    Pav Bhaji

    5) Add the boiled mashed potatoes to the bhaji, crush and mix it all into the bhaji and incorporate it thoroughly till a cohesive mixture forms. Finish it off with a cube of butter and some green peas.
    Pav Bhaji

    6) In a separate Meyer Non-stick Tawa, add a cube of butter and let it melt. Flavour the butter with some red chilli powder and coriander powder. Once the chilli butter is mixed, toast your buns in it till they are golden brown and have absorbed the butter.
    Pav Bhaji

    7) Serve the hot pav with the bhaji and garnish it with some chopped onions, coriander, some more butter and a lemon wedgy.
    Pav Bhaji


    Expert Tips

    1. Cook the chillies fully through, otherwise the seeds can be unpleasant to eat.
    2. You can add or replace some other vegetable to the recipe too, eg.) petha.
    3. Don’t over cook and mash the vegetables as that would just become pasty.

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