Baked Shahi Paneer Dip: A Regal Fusion Delight for Your Palate

Indulge in the royal flavors of Indian cuisine with our Baked Shahi Paneer Dip. This fusion recipe combines the richness of Shahi Paneer with the gooey goodness of melted mozzarella, creating a regal dip that's perfect for any gathering.

What is Shahi Paneer Dip?

Shahi Paneer Dip is a decadent twist on the classic Indian dish, Shahi Paneer. This dip takes the creamy and aromatic Shahi Paneer and transforms it into a baked delight, adding a layer of gooey cheese for an irresistible dip experience.

What is So Different About This Dip?

What sets this dip apart is the fusion of traditional Shahi Paneer with the indulgence of baked cheese. The creamy texture of Shahi Paneer is elevated by the melty goodness of mozzarella, creating a dip that's rich, flavorful, and perfect for dipping your favorite snacks.

List of Other Types of Indian Dips:

Mint Yogurt Chutney: A refreshing and tangy dip made with yogurt and fresh mint, perfect for pairing with kebabs and tandoori dishes.

Tamarind Date Chutney: A sweet and tangy dip made with tamarind and dates, ideal for drizzling over chaats and samosas.

Garlic Hummus: A fusion dip that combines the flavors of Indian garlic with the Middle Eastern classic, hummus.

Explaining Fusion Recipes and How You Can Create Them:

Fusion recipes bring together diverse culinary traditions, creating innovative and delightful dishes. To create your fusion recipes, experiment with combining ingredients and techniques from different cuisines, allowing your creativity to shine. Fusion recipes offer a unique and personalized twist to traditional favorites, making every bite a culinary adventure.

How to Make Shahi Paneer Dip?

  1. Let’s start by heating some ghee in the Meyer Bauhaus Stockpot. Start by adding all the whole spices and toasting them for 1-2 mins over medium heat.  
  2. Now let's add the ginger garlic paste, onions, and capsicum. Saute all these ingredients for 3-4 minutes over medium heat.
  3. Now let's add all the dry spices to the mix and continue cooking for another 2-3 minutes or until the spices are toasted. 
  4. Now add the tomato puree and mix everything well. Cover the stockpot and allow the gravy to cook for 10-12 minutes over medium heat.
  5. If the gravy becomes too thick, add water ½ cup at a time to adjust the consistency.
  6. Cook the mixture for an additional 8-10 minutes or until the masala releases its oils.
  7. Finally, add the cream to the gravy followed by the paneer and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  8. Now to make the dip, transfer the ready shahi paneer to the Meyer baking dish.
  9. Sprinkle it with freshly grated mozzarella cheese and more paneer along with a sprinkle of red chili powder and kasoori methi.
  10. Bake the dish for 12 minutes at 180* C. Garnish with some sirka pyaaz and chopped coriander.

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Expert Tips

  1. We recommend using tomato puree rather than fresh tomatoes as the excess moisture in the tomato puree keeps the gravy from getting dry in the oven while baking.
  2. You can substitute the paneer with other veg or nonveg items. Try adding grilled or boiled chicken to the gravy to make a non vegetarian option.

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