Garlic Potato rings is the easiest kids snack

These garlic potato rings are the perfect side dish to any meal. They are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and they're packed with flavor. Potato rings are always a hit with kids and adults alike, and this recipe is sure to please you.


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  1. Other Potato based snacks you can try ? 
  2. Influencer review about Cast iron cookware 
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Other Potato based snacks you can try


2. Smashed Potatoes

3. Crispy Potato Wedges

4. Potato Scotch Eggs

5. Bharwan Aloo Tikki | Stuffed Aloo Tikki Recipe


Influencer Review about the product :

A modern design makes it easier to use

This is my first cast iron experience and I am absolutely amazed with the quality. I have seen other brands in the market but Meyer stands out because of its quality. This skillet has a pre seasoned surface and its even heating property is great.
Very happy with the product!


Suggested cookware for the recipe 


Recipe Card

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