Mutton Curry

A bowl full of hot and spicy mutton with a flavourful, rich and warm curry, topped with some freshly chopped coriander, it's like all the flavours coming together in a bowl. The above description of the mutton curry is true to its recipe, and with this step by step procedure, you can achieve exactly the same. This recipe in our Presta pressure cooker takes just 30 minutes to cook fully and the flavour is bang on, so try it now to get a bowl of deliciousness.


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What is Mutton Curry?

A traditional mutton curry is when you put everything in a clay pot or a handi and cook it over slow heat over a wood fire. Nowadays the mutton is generally cooked in a pressure cooker or slow cooked while being covered, after sauteeing all the ingredients, mainly mutton in an open pan. The slow cooked version generally results in a more tender meat, but the pressure cooker does a good job of recreating a similar flavour in a lot less time. It is eaten with cooked rice or Indian breads, like lachha paratha or parotta.


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Quick and Easy Mutton Curry

A mutton curry with all the flavour and deliciousness in just 30 minutes! Sounds unbelievable, but this recipe isn't telling any lies. Cooking an amazing mutton curry that brings your family together for a meal is going to be a rewarding and tasty affair if you try this recipe. 


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    How to make Mutton Curry?

    1) Add the mustard oil into the saucepan of a pressure cooker. Put all the whole spices and the sliced onions into the pot and roast them in the oil till lightly translucent.

    Mutton Korma

    2) To the same pot add the ginger garlic paste and the green chilli paste and cook it in the oil over medium heat for 3-4 minutes.
    Add Spices

    3) After making the masala, add the raw mutton to it and cook it in the pan till it gets some amount of colour on it. To the mutton add the dried red chilli and turmeric powder, followed by the meat masala and salt to taste.
    Mutton Korma

    4) Add water to the curry, cover it with the pressure cooker lid and cook it on level 2 for 30 minutes.
    Mutton Korma

    5) After the whistle, open the lid and add sliced tomatoes, fresh curd and a cube of butter to the curry. Stir it all together till everything is combined into one cohesive curry.
    Mutton Korma

    6) Finish the curry with some fresh chopped coriander and serve hot with a tandoori bread or some cooked rice.
    Serve Mutton Korma


    Expert Tips

    1. Keep stirring the spices in the beginning or it would stick to the pan and burn.
    2. Roasting the mutton before pressure cooking adds more flavour to the dish, do not skip it.
    3. Replace the water with chicken or mutton stock for added flavour.

    Recipe Card


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