One Pot Creamy Pasta

Here’s a pasta recipe that just takes a little over 10 minutes to cook and would be loved by everyone! This is a comfort food recipe that every home cook should have in their book. Prepared quickly without any hassle while using just one pot, this homemade pasta will certainly be the favourite recipe of your family.


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  1. What is One Pot Pasta?
  2. Quick and Easy One pot Creamy Pasta
  3. How to make One pot Creamy Pasta ? 
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What is One pot Creamy Pasta ?

​​One pot pasta is a method of cooking a pasta dish with 2-3 elements in the same utensil. In this recipe, unlike traditional pasta recipes, the sauce isn't prepared separately from the pasta. In this method the vegetables and the sauce are cooked in a stock pot and then the dried pasta is added to it with some water or milk. Everything is slowly cooked together and optionally finished off with some cheese.


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Quick and Easy One pot Creamy Pasta

​​A single pot for all your favourite pasta recipes? Seems impossible, but this recipe not only teaches you how to do that but also gives you a recipe to follow and make it exactly like that. It's a recipe that's made in just around 10 minutes so it's the perfect snack for anytime your hunger pang strikes.


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    How to make One pot Creamy Pasta ?

    1) In a large stock pot add water and set it over high heat to boil. Add quartered mushrooms, chopped French beans and broccoli florets to the water. Cover the pot till 50% of the vegetables are cooked.

    One Pot Creamy Pasta

    2) Add dry pasta to the pot with some salt and cover the stock pot till the pasta is cooked. Once cooked, open the lid and let the excess water dry out.
    One Pot Creamy Pasta

    3) Add fresh cream to the pasta with all the different grated cheeses and dried herbs. Mix it all together to form a sauce.
    One Pot Creamy Pasta

    4) Serve the pasta hot and garnish with some more grated cheese and olive slices.
    One Pot Creamy Pasta


    Expert Tips

    1) Do not fully cook the vegetables in the start or they might overcook when the pasta is done.

    2) Make sure that all the vegetables are evenly chopped otherwise they won't cook the same.

    3) Make sure to mix the pasta till the cheese and cream emulsify into a creamy sauce.

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