Lentil and Spinach Pasta

A creamy and delicious pasta recipe that works as a healthy alternative to your usual pasta cravings. A thick sauce made with blended lentils and spinach and mixed with boiled pasta into a perfect sauce with glossy texture.


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  1. What is Lentil and Spinach Pasta? 
  2. How to make Lentil and Spinach Pasta ?  
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What is Lentil and Spinach Pasta?

In a lentil and spinach pasta, the lentil is referred to as the major ingredient used to make the sauce for the pasta. Lentils are cooked and blended with a vegetable, in this case spinach and made into a thick and creamy paste which can be turned into a sauce for the pasta by simply adding water to adjust the consistency.


How to make Lentil and Spinach Pasta?

1) In a non-stick saucepan, boil arhar and masoor dal which had been soaked for 1 hr. While that happens, in a stainless steel saucepan, add 750 ml water and let it boil. To the boiled water add the pasta and let it cook.
Lentil and Spinach Pasta

2) Set the boiled dal aside and let the pasta cook. In an electric blender, add boiled spinach leaves, boiled dal and blend them to a thick and creamy paste.
Lentil and Spinach Pasta

3) In a non-stick frypan, drizzle some oil and add chopped garlic to it. Saute it and then add the green spinach paste. Add some pasta water to adjust the consistency and season it with salt and pepper.
Lentil and Spinach Pasta

4) Add the boiled pasta to the prepared sauce and toss it to fully coat it in the sauce. Garnish the pasta with some grated parmesan cheese and serve it hot.
Lentil and Spinach Pasta


Expert Tips

  1. Make sure to soak the dal or it would take longer to cook.
  2. Don't fully cook the pasta in the water as it would cook a little in the sauce as well.
  3. Do not over boil the spinach before blending it or it might lose its colour.


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