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Loaded Breakfast Crepes

Today is the day you add a spin to your daily breakfast by combining a savoury French crepe with some tangy sauteed vegetables and a whole fried egg to finish it off. This makes for a delicious and fulfilling savoury breakfast.


Table of Content

  1. What are Loaded Breakfast Crepes? 
  2. Quick and Easy Loaded Breakfast Crepes 
  3. How to make Loaded Breakfast Crepes?  
  4. Expert Tips  
  5. Recipe Card 


What are Loaded Breakfast Crepes?

A very thin pancake is called a crêpe or crepe. The original recipe for crêpes was written down in Brittany, a region in western France, in the 13th century. Today, crêpes are eaten all over the world. Typically, there are two types of crepes: savoury galettes (crêpes salées) and sweet crepes (crêpes sucrées). Various fillings, including jam or hazelnut cocoa spread, are frequently offered with them. Savoury crepes are largely eaten as a breakfast item in many places with other elements like cooked eggs and savoury dips spread onto it. Many times people also top them off with chilli oil to add a little heat to the dish.


Quick and Easy Loaded Breakfast Crepes

French Crepes are generally perceived as a dessert or a sweet breakfast, but this recipe helps you discover the savoury side of a crepe. In just 15 minutes this recipe makes it a full breakfast with sauteed vegetables and a fried egg.


How to make Loaded Breakfast Crepes ?

1) Start by making the crepe batter. For that, in a large bowl add refined flour and crack 2 eggs into it. Mix some milk and butter into it and finally season with salt and pepper.
loaded breakfast crepes

2) In a non-stick fry pan, melt butter and add chopped onions and capsicum with some tomatoes into it. Add a little tomato ketchup to it and saute everything together.
loaded breakfast crepes

3) In a non-stick fry pan add a ladle full of prepared crepe batter and spread it evenly by rotating and tilting the pan. Once cooked, lift it slightly from one end and flip it over.
loaded breakfast crepes

4) Onto the cooked crepe, add the sauteed vegetables and spread them out. Add a layer of spicy mayonnaise. Top these off with 2 slices of cheese and a fried egg.
loaded breakfast crepes

5) Cook it till the cheese is melted and then transfer it onto a plate. Optionally, Cut the edges of the circle to make a square crepe.


Expert Tips

  1. While mixing the crepe batter make sure that the batter is totally smooth without any lumps.
  2. Saute the vegetables till they are just cooked, not anymore.
  3. Add the toppings on them, just as the crepe cooks through as the cheese takes time to melt.


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