Sesame and Quinoa lettuce wraps

We now have a healthy recipe for everyone who’s looking for a fulfilling dinner with the goodness and taste of their comfort food. These sesame and lettuce wraps are full of quinoa and various vegetables and rolled inside a lettuce leaf, which packs the full taste and texture of the dish.


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  1. What is Sesame and Lettuce Wrap? 
  2. How to make a Sesame and Lettuce Wrap?  
  3. Expert Tips  
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What is Sesame and Lettuce Wrap?

This sesame and lettuce wrap is inspired by the Mediterranean recipe called Dolma. Dolma has a filling of cooked and sauteed rice with a mince, generally of mutton meat. This recipe is a vegetarian version made with chopped vegetables instead of the minced filling and boiled quinoa instead of rice, with a coconut cream dip.


How to make Sesame and Lettuce Wraps?

1) In a non-stick origin chef’s pan, drizzle some sesame oil, and saute chopped garlic in it. Add some chopped bell peppers with the boiled quinoa and light soy sauce. Mix in some sliced purple cabbage, add some pepper and set the filling aside.
Sesame and Lettuce Wraps

2) In a bowl of coconut cream, add chopped dill leaves and mix them. Take a washed lettuce leaf on a chopping board, put on some of the quinoa filling, apply some coconut cream dressing and some sesame seeds.
Sesame and Lettuce Wraps

3) Tuck the lettuce leaves in from the side and roll them up tightly to form a wrap. Do the same with the other leaves and stack them up on a platter.
Sesame and Lettuce Wraps


Expert Tips

  1. Make sure to dissolve the custard powder before adding it or it might form lumps.
  2. While making the caramel, don't cook it too dark of a colour or it might taste bitter.
  3. Try and choose a biscuit that isn't that sweet to balance out the caramel’s sweetness.


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