Sesame and Quinoa lettuce wraps

A vegan recipe that is not only plant-based but also super flavourful, therefore, perfect for every palate. A nice and light party snack that is super easy to make and super fancy to look!

Chase the flavors

Serves 2-3

Prep time 5 Minutes

Cooking time 10 Minutes


Sesame oil - 5 ml

Chopped garlic - 5 cloves

Chopped bell pepper - 1 each

Boiled quinoa - 10 gms


Light soy sauce - 1 tbsp


Sliced purple cabbage - 1 cup


Coconut cream - 1/2 cup


Dill leaves - 1 tbsp


Lettuce leaves - 1 bunch


Sesame seeds  - 1 tbsp


1) In a Circulon Chef’s pan, heat the sesame oil and add in the chopped garlic and bell peppers.

2) Pour in the soy sauce and give it a toss combining it all.

3) Add in the sliced purple cabbage and give only a quick toss to ensure that the cabbage remains crispy and crunchy.

4) Season the mixture with salt and pepper.

5) In a separate bowl combine the coconut cream and chopped dill leaves to make the dressing.

6) Wash and dry the lettuce leaves and take out the whole leaves; ensure they don’t break.

7) Place a spoonful of the mixture on the lettuce leaf, top it with the coconut dressing and sprinkle a few toasted sesame seeds.

8) Make them into tight rolls and serve.

9) The lettuce will be cold and crunchy with a flavourful and hot mixture in the centre making it a perfect party snack.

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