Coconut Chicken Stew

Here's a fast chicken stew recipe for those who were looking for a quick fix to their chicken curry craving. A light but delicious chicken curry with the flavour of coconut, all made in just one stainless steel pan. Definitely a must try for Thai curry lovers, because it consists of all the flavours that make Thai cuisine so popular along with a subtle, but unmissable, Indian touch.


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  2. Quick and Easy Chicken Coconut Stew
  3. How to make Chicken Coconut Stew?
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What is Chicken Coconut Stew?

​​Coconut Chicken Stew is made with chicken thigh cubes tossed in some roasted dry spices and cooked in coconut milk. It's an adaptation of the classic chicken Thai curry, with the flavours of an Indian curry. First the dry spices and ginger garlic are roasted in ghee and oil, then some slit green chillies are fried. Sliced onion and chicken thighs are tossed and cooked in the masala and coconut milk at the end, finished with some butter and coriander.


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Quick and Easy Chicken Coconut Stew

A fast and effective recipe for a Tasty Stew made with coconut milk. The classic flavours of Thai curry with the touch of some Indian spices and ghee, incorporated into the chicken, making it a light and tasty stew. Try this chicken recipe whenever you feel like curry but don't want the heavy gravy.  


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    How to make Chicken Coconut Stew ?

    1) In a Stainless Steel Chef's Pan add some ghee and oil. In that, toast some mustard seeds and add the chopped ginger garlic with some slit green chillies and curry leaves.

    Coconut chicken stew

    2) To the sauteed spice mix, add some sliced onions and the chicken thigh cubes. Roast the chicken for a few minutes and then add some water to the pan with some coconut milk and season to taste with salt.
    Coconut Chicken

    3) Let the chicken cook for 5-10 minutes and then add a cube of butter to the stew with some ground pepper and chopped coriander leaves.
    Coconut Chicken

    4) Serve the curry hot in a bowl and top it with some more chopped coriander and ginger juliennes.
    Coconut Chicken Curry


    Expert Tips

    1. Saute the dry spices thoroughly to remove the smell.
    2. Roast the chicken before adding water and milk to get some good flavour into it.
    3. Slice the ginger juliennes thinly, otherwise they might taste unpleasant.

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