Rice And Rose Rasgullas

A delicious rasgulla recipe for the people who love to experiment at home. Made using leftover cooked rice and flavoured with a lovely rose syrup, these rasgullas are surely going to delight anyone who tries them.


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  1. What is Rise and Rose Rasgullas? 
  2. Quick and Easy Rise and Rose Rasgullas 
  3. How to make Rise and Rose Rasgullas? 
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What is a Rasgullas ?

A Rasgulla can be classified as a sweet dumpling that originated from the southern parts of the Indian subcontinent. The specific region of the origin is argued between odisha and west bengal. The dough is prepared with semolina and chenna and it is shaped into round balls. All the dough is cooked inside a sweet syrup till the syrup has completely permeated the rasgullas.


Quick and Easy Rice and Rose Rasgullas

This specific recipe brings a twist to the usual rasgullas by making the dough using leftover cooked rice and the chashni is flavoured with a concentrated rose syrup. So the recipe makes easy rasgullas that taste amazing with the flavour of rose and also utilise leftover rice is a recipe that everyone should try.


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How to make Rice and Rose Rasgullas

1) In a bowl take the leftover rice and sooji and blend them together. To the blended rice add refined flour and custard powder and mix them together to a cohesive mass.
Rice and Rose Rasgullas

2) Add rose syrup to the bowl and incorporate it together. Add some melted ghee to the dough and mix it together.
Rice and Rose Rasgullas

3) In a stainless steel saute pan, add water, rose syrup and rose petals. Followed by this, add some granulated sugar. Let the sugar dissolve and reduce to half and remove the rose petals.
Rice and Rose Rasgullas

4) Transfer the rose sugar syrup into a deep pan and heat it to boil. Shape the dough into rasgullas and toss them in the boiling sugar syrup. Let them boil till the dough is soft and floats on top.
Rice and Rose Rasgullas

5) Serve the rasgullas in a small bowl or a flat glass with some of the cooled syrup and garnish with some chopped pistachio.
Rice and Rose Rasgullas


Expert Tips

  1. Keep adding a little flour as required to make a soft dough.
  2. Add the rose syrup sparingly or it might get too sweet.
  3. Do not make the sugar syrup too thick or the rasgullas might not absorb it well.


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