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Mooli Parantha

Be it a quick Indian Breakfast, a lunch meal or a decadent dinner spread, a paratha can easily fit into any occasion. Here’s presenting the much-loved classic Mooli ka Paratha that is unarguably a firm favourite of many. This 5 minute recipe is going to ease out the complicated cooking process for you and coax you to make these tasty parathas at least 2-3 times a week.

Parathas - an Indian amalgamation with the name coming from Parat-atta, which literally translates to cooked layers of dough. Parathas are eaten in countless ways, maybe with another curry or gravy, or they can also be stuffed up to form a whole new arena of food. Lachcha paratha is a common variation when it's eaten as a side bread. The kind of stuffed paratha can depend on the several different vegetable mashes that can be stuffed into it.

Quick and Easy Mooli Paratha
Mooli Paratha is a nostalgic dish that we all have eaten when growing up. If you're living away from your home, or dont have much time at your hands, this recipe is just for you. A spicy and tasty mooli paratha recipe in just 5 minutes, it can't get any better than this!


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    How to make Mooli Paratha?

    1) Start by adding the grated mooli, garlic, chilli, onion and all the dry spices in a bowl, season them according to taste and mix everything together./span>

    Mooli Paratha

    2) Take one of the three balls of dough and flatten them out with your hands to form a small pocket. Inside that add a big heap of the spiced filling that we made.

    Mooli Paratha

    3) Pinch the dough together and connect it with itself while simultaneously pressing the filling in the dough. Keep pressing and crimping in the dough till it's completely sealed off. Roll it in your hand a little to make a round shape.

    Fillinf in the stuffing

    4) Sprinkle some flour on the work surface and start to roll out a stuffed ball of dough. Roll it out till it's around 2-3 mm thick.

    Rolling out the Paratha

    5) Heat a Meyer Non-Stick Pan or Tawa at an extremely high temperature. Lay the rolled paratha flat on the pan. Cook for 30-40 seconds on each side, then apply a thin layer of desi ghee and cook on both the sides again till it's brown and crispy to your liking.

    Mooli Paratha

    6) Serve hot, topped with white or yellow butter, with your side of dahi or anything else.

    Mooli Paratha

    Expert Tips
    1. Make sure to squeeze out water from the grated radish or you won't be able to stuff it in the dough.
    2. Do not over stuff the dough, otherwise it would be problematic while sealing it.
    3. Roll the dough thinner, if you like a more crispy paratha.
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