Banana Churros

A Mexican delicacy with a crispy crunchy outer layer with a soft and chewy center flavoured with bananas. To an absolute power packed start to the day

Chase the flavors

Serves 2-3

Prep time 5 Minutes

Cooking time 10 Minutes


Refined Flour - 1 Cup

Egg - 1

Caster Sugar - for garnish

Cinnamon Powder - 1 tsp

Bananas - 2

Butter - 3 tbsp


1) Heat water in a casserole and add butter to it

2) Turn off the heat and add refined flour to the casserole and mix it properly until it forms a semi-soft dough

3) Add mashed bananas to the dough

4) Break one egg in the batter

5) Fill a piping bag with the banana mixture

6) Heat oil in a wok and slowly pipe the batter in the hot oil making long snake like shape

7) Coat the fried churros in cinnamon sugar and serve with melted chocolate

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