Fresh Fruits custard

Custard is a creamy and sweet dessert that we've all gobbled up in our childhood or even now. It's buttery and rich, and it goes so well with lots of other dessert items. Here we have a fruit custard recipe for you all, using our humble custard in a creative way.


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  1. What is Fresh Fruit Custard ?
  2. Quick and Easy Fresh Fruit Custard
  3. How to make Fresh Fruit Custard?
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What is Fresh Fruit Custard ?

​​Fruit Custard can have a variety of recipes, with sweetened milk, cheese or cream cooked with flour, cornstarch or gelatin. In this recipe we use the flour method. Custard is a classic French recipe, made with tempering egg yolks with milk. The modern powdered version of custard, with cornstarch being the main ingredient, comes from the British. The powdered custard version now comes in a variety of different flavours and is used in many fruit custards.


Quick and Easy Fresh Fruit Custard

If you want Quick Desserts, which looks something out of a fine dine kitchen, for your dinner party, you’ve got to give this recipe a shot. A fresh fruit custard is a cool and creamy dessert, with the richness of the custard, complemented by the freshly cut, juicy fruits.  


Suggested cookware for the recipe 


    How to make Fresh Fruit Custard?

    1) In a Meyer Stainless Steel Milk Pan add 1 litre milk and start to heat it. In the milk dissolve 2 tbsp granulated sugar.

    Fruit Custard

    2) In a separate bowl add 3 tbsp of raspberry custard powder and to that add a few tsp of the hot milk. Stir the powder and milk and make a paste out of it. Pour it back into the milk pot and stir to incorporate.
    Fresh Fruit Custard

    3) In the pot of custard add your sliced bananas, cubed pear, black grapes and pomegranate seeds. Mix them all together.
    Fresh Custard

    4) Fill the custard up into a martini glass till the brim. Garnish your glass of custard with some smaller diced cubes and slices of fresh fruit. Also sprinkle some crushed biscuit over everything.
    Fresh Fruit Custard


    Expert Tips

    1. Do not boil the milk in the pan as it may burn.
    2. Make sure you mix the custard powder and milk in a separate bowl to avoid any lumps directly in the milk.
    3. Do not overcrowd the custard glass with fruits.

    Recipe Card


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