Rava Coconut Chocolate Barfi

Rava Coconut Chocolate Barfi is a delicious, aromatic, rich and mouth melting sweet specially made at the time of Diwali festival. It's quick and easy to prepare and made using the easiest and simplest ingredients. No doubt it's a ‘show-stopper’ during the festive season.


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Rava Coconut Chocolate Barfi is an Indian sweet. If properly made, it turns out slightly crisp on top, non sticky with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. It's better to use full fat milk for this recipe, however, you can also substitute with vegan milk like coconut milk or almond milk. If using homemade almond milk, you do not need to strain the milk to remove the pulp. You can simply soak the almonds, peel the skin and blend with water. You can also try using rose water & kewra water for a different flavour.


Quick and Easy Rava Coconut Chocolate Barfi

Rava Coconut Chocolate Barfi is a delicious South Indian Sweet recipe made with Coconut. It is one of the most commonly made sweets during festivals and celebrations in South India.

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    How to make Rava Coconut Chocolate Barfi?

    1) Heat ghee in a thick bottomed pan and start roasting the sooji and mix it well with ghee. Keep it on a low to medium heat. Add it in 2 parts, after the 2nd half of the rava. Add in the besan and roast till you get a nutty fragrance and the besan turns aromatic. Make sure you do not burn it.
    Rava Barfi

    2) Add in the sugar and keep stirring till the sugar is dissolved; once done add in the coconut. Regulate the flame in between low to medium. Pour in the milk and cook till you get a dough-like consistency and the rava is cooked through. Please use milk that is at room temperature.
    Rava and coconut barfi

    3) At this point add in some more ghee and the cocoa powder and bring it all together till the cocoa is mixed properly. Now, turn the flame to low. Mix everything well and ensure that no lumps are formed.
    Chocolate barfi

    4) Once the mixture is almost at the final stage, be quick and keep stirring. The mixture does become very dense and heavy at this stage. Once it turns into a mass, turn off the heat. Within a few minutes, the mixture thickens and begins to bubble up. Set this barfi mixture in a tray and cool it for 20-30 mins in the fridge.
    Lentil and Barfi

    5) Once set, de-mould the barfi and transfer to a greased tray. Press it immediately with a stapula. Then cut it into small squares. Dust with some cocoa powder and serve.
    Rava Barfi

    Expert Tip

    1. If the burfi mixture remains crumbly, it means there is no moisture. Sprinkle a spoonful of milk and cook again till you get the right consistency.
    2. In case the burfi mixture is too soft, return it to the pan on a low heat and cook some more.
    3. Just to give it your own spin, you can add the chocolate syrup for good measure.
    4. You can use maida in place of besan, however, considering that besan is more nutritious, we have used besan,. Having said that, maida enhances the texture and adds a milky taste to the Rava Burfi.
    5. The mixture will take very long if more milk is used but it lends a delicious and rich taste to the Burfi.
    6. You should ideally cut the Burfi once it is still hot but not very hot. You can also cut it when it is warm, however, the edges would turn slightly crumbly.


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